Catch the last 3 minutes of DC’s game last night?

I happened to glimpse the very ending of the CONCACAF Champions League (isn’t that a little bit of an oxymoron like “jumbo shrimp”) of the DC United – Luis Angel Firpo 1-1 tie this evening–pardon the put-down I’m just at a loss for calling it the Champions League here in North America just yet.

What I was trying to do was watch the beginning of the Pachuca game in order to spend more time observing  Jose Francisco Torres chops. Alas, he never made it on the field in the nightcap for Pachuca.

Though I only witnessed about the last five minutes of the DC United game–so I can’t give you a review–I wanted to comment an extremely great play all around in the final 2 minutes. At TSG, each game we call attention the “Most Unheralded Play of the Game.” This is play that usually blends into the background a bit, but if one of the participants didn’t make such a quality movement, action, kick, etc., it might have led to giving up a goal or not scoring a goal. Well this was the play in the game this evening.

Avery John for DC United got booked about 10 yards shy of his 18 setting up an extremely worrisome free kick just off-center of the goal for Firpo. Now you’ll forgive me if I didn’t know all the players that contributed to this play, but the United wall lined up per usual.

As Firpo’s Christian Alexander Sanchez set himself in motion towards the ball, a Firpo offender–in a clearly premeditated and agreed upon manner–cut low into the left side of the wall and attempted to buckle Luciano Emilio who was on the left edge of the wall. Emilio fought off the disruption working hard to maintain his positi0n and the integrity of the wall.

Emilio’s commitment to his position led to him defending the strike by seeing it knock off his outside right thigh. Had Emilio not been committed or had the buckle been just a half a second earlier and a little harder, the rocket sent on goal might have struck pay dirt.

It was really a picture perfect play to see all around with everyone “doing their job.”

However, I might have missed it, if the replay crew was asleep at the controls, which they were not.

I probably would have even appreciated the commentary too, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately since the replay was very well done) I was watching on Galavision and the Spanish was a little too rapido for my consumption.

Great job by all involved, including Galavision.

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  1. Posted by Elvis on 2009/07/29 at 3:25 AM

    Its Firpo not Firpa or Firga


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