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Spector or Hedjuk, maybe Dolo? Who’s your RB?

Frankie: Getting up, Standing up

Frankie: Getting up, Standing up

Spector: West Ham-ing it up

Spector: West Ham-ing it up

We’re going to wrap up our other Gooch poll here shortly at TSG, but we’ve got a new one suggested by TSG contributor Eric.

Who’s shutting down the right side for the U.S. right now: Jonathan Spector, Frankie Hedjuk or Steve Cherundolo. Who’s the best option? Will there be a better option in 6 months?

Vote on the right and add your comments below.

TSG thinks Spector will win in a landslide, but let’s see what the fans think.

Note 1: This poll pits brother vs. brother as one of Mark’s favorite USMNT players is Spector and I’ve got Frankie’s back. That being said, I’m fully prepared to throw in the scarf on this one.

Note 2: Frankie’s caption is a reference to Bob Marley’s famous. Perhaps not surprisingly, Hedjuk is huge Marley fan. Because you know, Bob played.

ESPN Hype Machine & The World Cup

Normally I abhor the routine beating of a stable of dead horses by ESPN on whatever topic they choose. However, the run-up to the World Cup might be an exception if the World Wide Leader uses the machine to not just promote programming, but to educate people on the game. Check out the ESPN’s latest WC promo, Fan Feast: World Cup Soccer, with a (marginally) tolerable Kenny Mayne.

(If you can’t access the YouTube version, view Fan Feast: World Cup Soccer at


One topic for a future discussion and poll — “Soccer” or “Football?” My quick take: Words matter and Americans will not embrace they idea of calling it “football” with the NFL being the resident goliath of American sports. Let’s stick with “soccer” and eliminate the time wasted by sportscasters making lame jokes about “football.” Who cares if it is an American word.

Quick Preview: Thursday: US vs. Honduras

Will Carlos prove (wa, wa, wa...) Costly?

Will Carlos prove (wa, wa, wa...) Costly? Maybe, but this is Carlos Pavon. (Thanks, Don.)

We’re getting a quick preview up a day early here for all of those like us who find it too long between national team


Here’s what we are looking for at TSG from the U.S. Team:

  • Will Parkhurst (who we figure to start) and Marshall clamp down on Carlos Costly? We say yes
  • Davy Arnaud – we want you to test the Honduran final curtain with your speed and quickness
  • Robbie Rogers to come out fired up and really challenge down the left flank and track back on D

“11″ at the Whistle:

Much more likely that the actual Carlos Costly will prove...err...costly.

Much more likely that the actual Carlos Costly will prove...err...costly.

G: Troy Perkins

D: Heath Pearce, Michael Parkhurst, Chad Marshall, Jay Heaps

M: Robbie Rogers, Sam Cronin, Kyle Beckerman, Stu Holden

S: Brian Ching, Davy Arnaud


  • Logan Pause to supplant Sam Cronin in the midfield.
    Pause is more veteran player, but is also coming off a long arduous game against Panama
    Likelihood: 75% Pause starts
  • Santino Quaranta to play vet over Robbie Rogers
    We don’t see this one either, but it wouldn’t surprise us given Quaranta’s goal in the earlier game against Honduras
    Likelihood: A coin flip
  • Kenny Cooper to pair Brian Ching up top
    If Bob Bradley wants a look-see, here’s the time to do it. However, we don’t see it.
    Likelihood: 25%

What do you think? Let’s hear it. (We’ve been wrong before).

Conrad: Comedic on the Concussion

Jimmy Conrad, in better times

Jimmy Conrad, in better times

Forget that a late hit or 15-yard penalty wasn’t called, the fans I was watching the Panama game with were in shock at the glazed searching look from Jimmy Conrad after he was belted with a skull going for a corner in Saturday’s game. While no malice was intended, the hit itself was certainly malicious.

Conrad writhed on the ground, more groping to figure out where he was than actually deal with pain. Jimmy was down–and then walked from the field.

Thankfully Conrad is doing better and has few quips via Twitter to the US fans:


“I’m in Chicago, trying to figure out how this happened to me, and in doing so, I feel a little like Dr. Richard Kimble from “The Fugitive”


“Monday Update: Still feel like I had too much wine last night so I might wander around Chicago & see if I can remember how to get back home”

“Just landed in Chicago. Still dizzy. Living the dream.”

“Post Concussion Update: Why can’t I get the song “Ring My Bell” out of my head? Also, a BIG thanks to all the well-wishers! Appreciate the love”

Get better Jimmy — the US needs your aggression.

Wish JC well on the comment board below and we’ll forward it along!

See what Jimmy can do for you!

We appreciate the sentiment, Jimmy, but you should really be focusing on yourself right now.

Here’s another clip we were reminded about of another Jimmy going down:

Boca or DeMerit or Marshall? You make the call

Captain Header!

Captain Header!

DeMerit, undaunted

DeMerit... undaunted

UPDATE: DeMerit is a runaway leader at 60% approval rating as of noon 07/21

Our poll for the August 12th powder keg at the Azteca in Mexico is up!

Jay DeMerit had a phenomenal South African tourney; ably chasing down errant defenders.

Captain Carlos will be back in full action, but will he be needed on the wing?

Newcomer Chad Marshall is in contention with an iron Gold Cup showing.

Who would you pair with AC Milan’s newest back four signee ? Vote on the right and comment right here!

Check back in for preview and game commentary as well.

Donovan and Boca accept an ESPY

Landon Donovan:
“We look forward to the day other teams win an ESPY for upsetting us.”
Well played!


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