Thank you American Outlaws!

My brother and I want to give a really loud “Let’s go US!” to the American Outlaws for selecting us as USMNT commentary for their fan club supporters.

TSG got an email two month ago from Justin Brunken who fronts the up-and-coming supporter club. Brunken was appreciative of our commentary and a phenomenal spokesman for his group–he certainly conveyed the sincerity of their support for the USMNT. Mark, on our side, and Justin got it going and voila.

Check out the American Outlaws and check out where we’ll be appearing.

More importantly check Sunil Gulati addressing the support group before the Honduras game in Chicago in June of this year.

(Holy smokes, guys, I just got goosebumps watching this! Thanks!)

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  2. […] goal is to profile the collections of parade marchers, banner wavers and scarf wearers from around the country who support twenty-two guys or gals […]


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