Davies Update, DeMerit Out vs. T&T, Highlights

Davies Update

Charlie Davies continues to update folks on his injury via Twitter. Yesterday, he mentioned that it was stiff and sore and sought treatment three different times. And here’s the latest update from the man himself:

Davies Update

DeMerit & Casey Don’t Travel

According to the MNT blog as ussoccer.com, Jay DeMerit (groin) and Connor Casey (wisdom teeth / removed from roster) did not travel with the squad to Port of Spain for Wednesday’s match versus Trinidad & Tobago.

We’ll have the full preview tomorrow, but let us know what you think the starting back four should look like in light of Saturday’s struggles and DeMerit’s continued absence. Obviously, Gooch and Boca will be in there somewhere. That would leave  all kinds of combos possible among the remaining pool of Spector (maybe his USMNT debut at LB?), Dolo, Marshall and even Goodson or…umm…Bornstein.

Official US Soccer highlight reel from the 2-1 victory over El Salvador

Click here to view the 7-minute package on ussoccer.com.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dylan on 2009/09/07 at 7:35 PM

    First off, I love the site guys. As far as the back line goes, I think the options are Spector, Gooch, Marshall, Boca. Or Spector, Gooch, Boca, Dolo.

    I’m a spector fan, I love what he brings to the attack. I’m new to the MNT so I don’t know much about Cherundolo, just what I saw in the gold cup and the Mexico game. But he’s got supporters and I’m willing to get behind a guy that most people are impressed with. As far as Marshall. I don’t really like him very much but. I don’t know what other center back in camp I’d rather have. Maybe being sandwiched between Gooch and Boca could be good for him though.


    • Posted by Mark T on 2009/09/08 at 6:25 AM

      Thanks, Dylan.

      I’m a Spector fan as well and his service provides an extra dimension that the US doesn’t get from other wing backs. That being said, he needs to sure up his defending (aggression / aerial) and make better decisions getting the ball to the mids.


  2. Posted by Kevin U. on 2009/09/07 at 10:09 PM

    I am also a Spector fan and I would like to see the line be…..Spectory, Gooch, Marshall, Boca. Luckily we are facing T&T and they are offensively challenged for the most part


  3. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/09/07 at 11:26 PM

    I look forward to seeing Gooch back against the size of Jones & Zamora. Do you think T&T will push it with 3 strikers up front?(Jones-Zamora-Yorke)? Not like they have anything to lose


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/09/08 at 6:21 AM

      Antonio — we’ll have the preview up.

      While I think everybody would like to see Zamora out there (T&T, fans, even the U.S. for the challenge) — he hasn’t featured yet for the home side and it’s hard to consider him in there yet.

      Yorke has went to the bench (both as a sub and assistant)–so despite his scoring prowess (of old) he’s not in there).

      I’d personally like to see at least Jones and Jason Scotland up top–I think you’ll see Jones and Cornell Glen though.


  4. Bornstein worked his way out of these big games with his play on Saturday, but I could see wisdom winning out over youth in Bob’s selection for tomorrow’s game. Stevie C will probably get the nod with Spector, Boca, and Gooch.

    In the end, who ever gets thrown out there on Wednesday needs to be more aggressive in closing down on incoming offense.


  5. Posted by Kevin on 2009/09/08 at 8:17 PM

    Maybe It is about time to have Spector take a shot at LB. I’m not a big fan of the idea, but if he plays there for his club there’s no reason why he can’t play there against T&T. Oh and I checked the update and he said his leg feels much better now


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