US versus Trinidad and Tobago – Second Half

US eek out a win in a VERY boring game

US eek out a win in a VERY boring game

Disappointing play from the US but they get the three points which is whats important. Hopefully they can use their remaining games to capture the sort of form they had at the confed cup. Bradley should use those games to test out some of the the fringe layers. I would like to see Torres and Holden especially, get a longer run out.


92: Everyone looks like they have taken too much NyQuil. Slow and sloppy all around. Wow this might be the US’s first away win in a long time. Really sloppy and sluggish play in the T&T box. US should have scored there. Late shot from T&T that Howard watches go wide.

3 minutes of extra time…PLEASE END THIS

89: Holden gets the ball out wide and sends a great cross in that Donovan sends over the bar from the 6 yard box. He should have done better. Impressive from Holden though. T&T showing lots of heart though and are attacking hard but to no avail.

86: Ching with a nice run down the wing but his cross is behind Holden. T&T counter well but danger is averted.

83: Dempsey off and Holden in, He was impressive against El Sal. Hopefully he can continue his fine play in this game.

81: T&T sends in a nice cross but everyone falls over and it goes for a goal kick

79: Good shot from Dempsey goes sailing wide. At least he’s alive. US gets a corner which is POORLY taken by Donovan. That was horrendous from the US talisman.

77: Ching on for Davies. Opportunity for Ching to get  in Bradleys WC plans. He won’t make the starting 11 but he could be useful as a sub.

72: Another substitution for T&T…though it flashed too quick for me to figure out who it was.

68: T&T playing sloppily now and the US are beginning to take control off the game. Just as i say that Dempsey gives the ball away…Sigh

67: Tinto off and Daniel in for T&T. Game is back to its lull.

65: Carlos Edwards tests Howard with a stinging drive but Howard is equal to the task. He has been T&T’s best player this game.

63: US Substitution, Altidore off: Felihaber In

61: GOAL! US SCORES…Finally. Ricardo Clark with a cracker of a shot seevral shots outside the box. Great goal but somewhat undeserved. No matter US up 1-0

60: US looking to make some subs. Hopefully this will ignite SOMETHING into the USMNT. Dempsey hopefully will be out as he seems have some form of delibatating flu.

58: Gooch with a silly foul and T&T get a free kick in a dangerous position, but free kick is blasted high and wide.

57: US resorted back to the first half ways and T&T becoming more and more confident. Pace of game has stepped up though. US are attacking more which is good. Defense however is still shambolic BUT holding up

52: The Soca warriors looking increasingly more dangerous on all set pieces and get a nice header on goal but is cleared off the line.

50: US playing much better now but Donovan seems to take the ball of Dempsey just as he is about to shoot…but then sends a nice cross which is hacked away by a T&T defender

48: Better from the US as Donovan (who is playing well) sends a cross in, that a T&T defender gets a slight nod otherwise Jozy would have a clear shot to goal.

46: TWEEEEET…and the second half is under way. Hopefully the US will come out with a little more purpose. They need to attack more and keep the ball. Its the same as the last match except they were sharper (believe it or not) against El Sal. Basically the USMNT needs a swift kick in the A$$. Maybe like Mark said, the introduction of some players like Holden can inject some much needed pace and drive to the game.

Half time can’t come soon enough for the US. Bradley will have some stern words for the players. Refs are terrible too. T&T playing well.

45: Donovan played through beautifully by Altidore but shot is excellently saved by Ince.

42: Steel drums beginning to get louder. US give up a silly free kick in a dangerous area, About the same distance and position from the last one. Edwards and Noel over it. Another pretty kick but this one is agonizingly wide. Nice hot from Noel.

40: Davies and Altidore have a nice partnership going with the former sending an inviting cross in. No one there to meet it. Is it really hot there? could that be the reason for the USMNT sluggish play?

39: US build up nicely but a deflected shot from Donovan goes slowly wide. No corner though…everyone including ref and linesmen asleep at this point.

37: T&T free kick. Looking to put this into a box. Feekick brings out a great save from Howard. Lovely shot from Jones i believe. T&T gaining in confidence. US need to do something.

34: More shoddy defending from the US results in a T&T corner. US lucky here. Bradley will have plenty to say, nay shout at the US players during halftime.

33: US defenders are still letting their opponents run at them instead of challenging the ball…dangerous way of playing. T&T crossing well but Bocanegro defends well with a diving header.

30: WOW all sorts of excitement in 30 seconds. T&T have shot which bounces of the woodwork and the US counter with a cannon of a shot from Altidore but straight at Ince, the T&T keeper. US waking up and playing better.

24: Altidore ties to high jump a T&T defender and lands smack on his back…ouch but the US win a free kick. Nothing much of it. US play is sluggish at best. T&T player gets a yellow card for a reckless challenge. Free kick is pretty terrible. Man i hate to slam the US team but they really need to win this game and to do it in an emphatic manner.


Argentina down 1-0 against Paraguay…wow…Poor ol Diego

20: OH a shot…ambitious by Davies and straight at the keeper…This is the most exciting thing that has happened all game.

18: US win a corner. Is there a microphone in Donovans shoe? on the flag post? US winning multiple corners but cannot do anything with them.

15: US wins a corner…This game is bordering on boring. I have a feeling if the US scores first T&T will fold…BUT other way around and this becomes an interesting game. Corner is terrible and T&T counter but get whistled for offside…close one.

12: Kenwyn Jones sends in an inviting ball in from the wing but no one is there to meet it. T&T looking mildly dangerous on the counter. US and I might need a redbull at halftime

10: US beginning to wake up and Davies makes a nice run and wins a corner. Donovan kicks straight to keeper. T&T on the breakaway but Howard grabs the ball well.

Looks like T&T are up for it tonight and their hustle is stifling the US creativity.

7: Donovan gets caught in possession and T&T work the ball but Jones shoots into row Z.

5: US really need to step up their play. In order for them to consistently play with the big boys they need to OWN the teams they should dominate. US get a free kick about 20 yards outside the box. Shot goes wide by Dempsey.

3: A lot of route 1 football going on over here…just booting the ball and hoping…Hopefully this is not a telling sign for the game. The crowd is non existent…sigh

1 minute: PEEP PEEP…US kicks off

CALYPSO version of star spangled banner…NICE! wonder if they will do a island version of “when the saints go marching in”

This whole captains addressing fair play thing is weird. Did they do this in the other games? Both captains said it with such heartfelt passion!

WOAH…stadium is empty…who the hell is making all that noise? stadium is now silent…sigh

Crowds are banging on their drums, rooting the soca warriors on. If US win they will automatically qualify for the WC and not be in that dreaded 4th spot which will have to play in a playoff game against at this point either Columbia versus Argentina.

Howdy All,

Looks like a pretty strong line up with Clark coming in for Felhaber. Good chance for him to prove himself. Also good for the US to secure a win under hostile conditions. Gooch is back after a one game suspension and that will hopefully shore up the line for the US which was frankly pretty dodgy against El Salvador.

In other WCQ news, England become the 10th team to qualify for the WC with Spain the 11th. Scotland and Belgium are eliminated. Portugal still have a slim chance and France survived a draw with 10 men against Serbia.

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