Beautiful Golden Goal: Virginia Plays Sunday…

Update: …..against Akron who play for the title after a pk win over UNC.



As TSG commented on Twitter, a gorgeous SportsCenter top 10, Brady-to-Moss pitch and catch goal for the Cavs to put them through to Sunday.

See the replay here: (Start at the :35 mark)

Game notes:

• That was a great assist with perfect pace. The keeper doesn’t know if his defenders get there OR if Ownby’s going to keep it on the floor so he has to come out–Ownby sees this and volleys–keeper is caught in no man’s land.

• Wake Forest dominated most of the possession in this one, but Virginia who had not given up a goal in more than 1,000 minutes of play was stoic in defense.

• The best word I can use to describe that Virginia defense is “relaxed.” They never look rattled or even panicked on Wake Forest attacks. The goal the Cavs gave up was flukey, although it came after a blown defensive assignment.

• WF must of hit the crossbar 3 times in the game; they are ruing those misses now.

• Virginia’s counterattacking was sublime and the Cavs’ Ownby around the wingfulls was nearly a done deal everytime.

Great game…if you’re so inclined check out the replay on the 360.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark T on 2009/12/11 at 5:35 PM

    Wow! is right, Matt. Stellar effort. You don’t often see game winners that are that good.


  2. Posted by Matthew N on 2009/12/12 at 5:26 AM

    After watching this game, I was excited for the Akron v UNC game afterwards. Unfortunately, it was an awful game. Akron has the most terrible offense I’ve seen in awhile. They absolutely dominated the midfield and possession, but their attack fell apart EVERY SINGLE TIME once they entered the attacking third. No one wanted to shoot and the team seemed completely averse to crossing the ball into the center. They also have a left midfielder who doesn’t have a left foot. UNC stacked the left side of their defense because of this, which also limited the offensive capability of Akron’s great right back. This left mid with no left foot had acres of space, but his actions were 100% predictable because he ALWAYS wanted to strike the ball with his right foot. Oh, and TV TIMEOUTS… WTF. I will not watch NCAA soccer until they get rid of TV timeouts and play by the normal rules of the game….


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