Lando Adopts #9 Shirt and Sense of Urgency

Part of Donovan’s press conference…..

Added comments from Mark:

Decent article about Donovan and what he learned from Beckham in the Telegraph. Great picture of Lando holding up the #9 jersey. Most interesting thing is that Donovan says that this is his last loan deal…dude must really like Manhattan Beach.–team-mate-Landon-Donovan.html

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  1. I no people knock Donovan a lot but you have to admire his commitment to the MLS. I am sure he could get a full-time contract at some club in Europe but he is committed to LA and the MLS and for the league to grow here it is my view that the best US players need to stay here. Then the quality will improve.


  2. Posted by Jake on 2010/01/08 at 12:11 PM

    With all this Donovan small fish in a big pond in Europe going on, it was nice to see Golden Balls (he is such a great guy, can do no wrong, its all for the children) get his comeuppance for once from the SImpsons. I just came across this news. Actually, I am sure he is a great guy but it is nice to be humbled once and a while.


  3. Posted by Berg on 2010/01/08 at 6:25 PM

    Seeing Donovan hold up #9 for a respected EPL club brightened an otherwise dreary winter day. Best of luck, Lando.

    On a side note, is anyone else really disappointed about all the fixtures being postponed this weekend? Was really looking forward to having some quality couch time between Green Bay/Arizona and Liverpool/Tottenham.


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