Carling Cup Semi Man U – Man City

Tevez, has a face that makes babies cry...but a harder worker you will not find

WHAT A GAME. The replay at United will be quite the affair. Tevez is the hero but it was Irish keeper Given who kept them in the match. Lunch time for me.

94:00 – Tevez deservedly named Man of the Match, but its all Rooney right now as he wins anther corner. Its header clear by the taller City defenders but Rooney eventually gets the ball and has a shot. It’s all United as they keep attacking. City defend incredibly and the whistle blows to end the game.

92:00 – Bellamy breaks clear but an errant pass ends up in Scholes feet who pushes forward. Rooney ends up with the ball just outside of the box and with some nimble footwork sends a low shot in that is expertly saved by Given and goes out for a corner. Corner comes in and Diouf gets a free header but sends it agonizingly wide.

89:00 Scholes’s first move is to lose the ball, but Zabeleta who has  a great game tiredly gives it away. United keep attacking and win a corner. Man U make their last change and bring on Diouf for Rafael. 5 minutes of added time. Sir Alex will still complain that it wasn’t enough!

87:00 – Cross sent in hard by Evra and Valencia has an open goal and volleys it wide. That seemed harder than actually scoring. That was to be his last move as he makes way for the Ginger Ninja Paul Scholes.

84:00 – SWP leaves for Silvinho. Mancini shoring up his defense as its all Man U and Rooney in particular.

80:00 – Rooney dribbles three players and sends in powerful side- footed shot that Given Beats away for a corner. City clear corner but United press on and a cross is sent in that is again cleared away by Onuoha.

79:00 – Tevez gets a standing ovation as he makes way for Benjani. Not sure why they’re taking him off but he has had a fantastic game

77:00 – Owen and Rooney play a one two and rooney sends ina shot which is saved well by Given but the rebound goes straight Owen who sends in shot that beats Given but Onuoha is on the goal line and kicks the ball out…great defending, great attacking, great game.

75:00 – Man city fans being idiots as they throw something at Evra. I can’t tell what as i was temporarily distracted by the shibu puppy cam…sorry but they’re pretty damn cute. What is not cute at all is Carlos Tevez but he is everywhere, defending, attacking… Sir Alex’s face is at Threat level crimson.

72:00 United sub as Anderson makes his only contribution to the game by making way for little Mikey Owen. I really did like him when he played for Liverpool but know this, he cares about himself and doesn’t have much loyalty for any club. That said when he is he is fantastic. Shame his hamstrings are made of straw.

70:00 Great save by the Dutchman as Bellamy picks out SWP who fires a shot and Van der Sar saves well. United need to watch out for the counter as they press on forward.

69:00 United attacking with full force as the city fans are singing loudly. City sub in Onuoha for Boyata. Defender for defender. Unclear why. Oh Owen, the sneaky little Judas is warming up

66:00 WOW WOW WOW…GOAL…Tevez, could it be anyone else? Bellamy sends in a corner which is poorly cleared by Van der Sar and the ball is sent back in to Kompany who heads in a cross to a choice of three Man City attackers without a Man U defender in site. Tevez easily heads it in. 2-1 City

63:00 – United pass the ball around the city half and it ends when Rooney sends a shot comfortably over the bar. Anderson who was once described by a certain someone not named me as a “mini Essien” is pretty much invisible and MIA. Just though i would mention that.

59:00 – United counter and Rooney screams down the left wing and sends a great cross that Giggs sends a header to the corner but Given saves the day. Giggsy…what can we say!

57:00 – Apparently all corners need to come in two’s. Second on goes across the face of goal but City can only muster a third corner…and now a fourth this is fun! but nothing comes of it. United clear but City regain possession and promptly loses it as De Jong tries to replicate his first half effort but fails miserably

54:00 – Series of corners for United as they apply pressure. Second one lands at SWP’s feet and he takes off but Anderson stands his ground well and the threat is temporarily averted. Interestingly both Rooney and Tevez have 16 goals each in all competitions. Imagine if they were on the same team. Sir Alex’s face is at threat level dark orange.

53:00 – Garrido sends in a lovely free kick which Kompany gets to, but his header is well wide. Lucky for United as it was  free header.

49:00 – A great ball in sends in Rooney but Given saves well. Evra, back on the pitch sends in a cross that Rooney heads straight at the City keeper. Rooney looking to take over. This can be good or bad for United depending on whether or not he lets his team mates do their job!

48:00 – Evra gets a hard knock and is being treated to on the sideline. Hopefully Fabio gets brought in. Nothing like identical twins on one team to create confusion…especially if they get booked!

TWEET TWEET and we’re off for the second half. Hopefully my prediction comes true and we have 2 more goals and a sending off.

Extra time – United’s turn to attack but Valencia’s cross is dealt with and the referee brings an exciting first half to an end. Was that a penalty?

45:00 – We’re in extra time here. Mike Dean is having a word with Bellamy. He’s done a good job so far. City start a promising attack to end the half but the ball is given away by Bellamy who has had an excellent first half. Once again another Liverpool cast off having a great year…i hate Rafa.

42:00GOAL Tevez sends in a rocket into the top right corner. Thats how you take a penalty English people. Unstoppable. Game on…1-1. Sir Alex’s is face is at threat level orange.

41:00 – Bellamy’s pace wins him a penalty as Rafael cannot handle him and has to hold on to this shirt to stop him. Bellamy keeps going but eventually tumbles to the ground. TO be fair the initial foul was commited outside the box….hmmm. Tevez to take the penalty…EXCITING

40:00 – Teves clatters Evans to the ground and then insist he dove…comical but one has to admire the Argentina’s desire to stick it to his former club

37:00 – Barry sends in a free kick which gets cleared out only as far as dutch international Nigel De Jong who lets one rip and is saved with one hand by Van de Sar.

35:00 – Lots of sloppy passing and caught in possession ends up with Bellamy scampering down the wing but is muscled/obstructed by Rafael. If that wasn’t in the penalty area it would have been whistled i believe. City really upping the temp here.

33:00 – Game is in a bit of a lull right now. Carrick attempts to make it interesting my taking a shot from far out but sends it into row Z.

26:00 – Pacey Bellamy wins City a corner which pings around the United box. Another corner, which is cleared by Van de Sar, but a cross is sent in but Richards header is calmly saved by the United keeper.

23:00 – City attacking more and more. SWP sends in a great cross that tiny Tevez raises up but seems to head it straight down and United easily clear. On a completely different note, Mancini is much more stylish than Ferguson. Yes i know…obvious.

19:00 – City are responding well to being a goal down by making life difficult for the United Defense, but the United rearguard hold strong and clear danger. I predict a sending off and at least 3 more goals…i hope.

Giggs...the only reason to like United?

16:00 –  GOAL! Giggs takes a corner and ball bounces around and is eventually cleared by Tevez but Valencia nutmegs Bellamy (for some reason is temporarily playing right back), sends in a  low ball cross that Rooney pokes in but is expertly saved by Given but unluckily for City the ball finds Giggs who has the simplest of tap in 1-0 United

14:00 – Gareth Barry gets a free kick and sends in a nice ball that is dealt with by Wes Brown. Ball still in the United half. City promptly lose it

12:00 – Double handball by Evans? Tevez sends in a cross that seems to have been handled. Probably harsh. On the counter Evra sends in a dangerous pass that bounces around the penalty area and back to him but his shot goes sideways. Pace of game is picking up.

9:00 – Giggs makes a run down the wing but Richards gets the best of him. Glad Richards is playing better but Giggs is still a strong force. A true gentleman and ambassador to the game i believe. A wonderfully skilled player whose only fault was being born Welsh, as it’s a shame he never had a chance to shine at the WC. That said Wales is a lovely country with names of towns that cannot be pronounced without dousing your neighbour in gobs of spit.

6:00 – Cagey play by both teams as they’re feeling each other out. I do like the Tevez/Bellamy combo up front. Sort like sicking angry yappy dogs at any intruders that come into your house. Ugly yappy dogs, with big teeth and a mean streaks. Tevez is playing like a man possessed. Personally i wanted him at Liverpool and i think United made a mistaken letting him go.

3:00 – Lovely pass to Evra who sends in a cross that goes over Rooney’s head. Nothing of note in the opening minutes, though United seem to be the more dangerous team.

PEEP PEEP – Man City kick off. This is the first leg that was postponed earlier due to weather conditions.

For some reason the lights are all out at the stadium. It’s some sort of light show…but i couldn’t see anything. Oh well. I really do love the walking out exchange of children…WAIT. There’s only one child being brought out by Man City. Did United forget theirs? Are they locked up somewhere? still in the freezer? Is this a sign of the recession that they cannot afford a child per player. I mean i know Man U have money issues but is it really necessary to cut the bring out the child/exchange program…Wait…seriously can anyone answer this.

Hello all,

It’s been awhile but what a game to get back on track with live match commentary. Intercity rivalry, old club versus new club (Tevez), old guard versus new kids on the block. Both teams are bringing out their strongest squads. Good to see both managers are taking this seriously.

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  1. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/01/19 at 10:45 PM

    Brilliant effort today…hysterical.


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