Holy Smokes! Major CD9 News

I just went back to our 9th Minute Salute piece that was broadcast….and found this:

CD, we hope and know you’ll be up doing the stanky leg in no time…regardless of what docs may or may not say.

What a jarring reflection.


Oguchi Onyewu: “It’s sort of a Superman story…”

ESPN and Ives Garcelep with a phenomenal and mind-boggling piece on the road to recovery with Charlie Davies. Check it out here.

Soccer By Ives has some more background and detailed first person from Charlie Davies. Worth a read.

The man who silenced Mexico City

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  1. Posted by Matt Mathai on 2010/01/25 at 1:07 PM


    In a good way.


  2. Posted by Berg on 2010/01/25 at 1:20 PM

    My mind can’t accept the awesomeness of a healthy, fit Davies starting up top in SA. With this article, though, I’m beginning to dare to dream.


  3. This good news is nothing short of miraculous. I’m pretty certain that Charlie Davies is as hard as nails, but I expected his recovery to take the better part of a year. My greatest wish was that he would walk normally after recovery and live a normal life. I am gobsmacked. Well done CD…wOOt!


  4. The news on Charlie Davies is the perfect antidote to the discussion of Sacha Kljestan.


  5. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/01/25 at 2:35 PM

    The single most positive part of this at this point in my mind is the impact it will have on the rest of the team.

    You have a player who was in extremely critical condition working like crazy to get back on the pitch. How can that not push you harder if you’re Jozy or Casey or anyone else….


    • I hope you’re right about this but it seemed like Jozy’s new-found fire fizzled out about midway through the Costa Rica match and hasn’t been seen since. CD’s comeback isn’t going to make Casey any quicker or his finishing more consistent. It might make the team start believing that miracles are possible, which isn’t a bad attitude to have.

      Anyways, on last week’s “Random Wednesday” discussion of Donovan and Dempsey I wrote “neither one of them are particularly charismatic off the pitch, but show me a footballer who genuinely is…” I think Charlie Davies is a good answer to that question.

      Talent + Hard Work + Charisma + Miraculous Comeback from Near-Death + Blowing Up at the WC = ?


  6. I’m speechless…in a good way.


  7. Posted by jonk on 2010/01/25 at 4:26 PM

    Be sure to check out soccerbyives.net as well for a handful of questions Ives couldn’t fit into the ESPN piece.


  8. Posted by Bob on 2010/01/25 at 7:31 PM

    Ok. This news, along with the side story that Gooch is training with Davies, proves that God does not hate us. For some reason, I am getting a weird feeling that maybe we will do something great this summer … I don’t know why but it is starting to feel that way for me.


  9. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/01/25 at 7:59 PM

    Speaking of life threating injuries, Paraguayan mainstay Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head today. Somehow he’s still alive. The bullet didn’t come out the other side.


  10. some great quotes by CD9 on soccerbyives.net

    “The next part I remember was just waking up in the hospital and thinking I was in Honduras, thinking that people were trying to steal my organs. That’s how I woke up. It was maybe the third day and I was really confused about where I was.

    “I don’t want to just come back and be able just to play, and I didn’t want to be back and be the same person I was. I want to come back and be better. I want to build on the last Confederations Cup, where I was really able to show Coach Bradley and the players that I’m ready and can play at this level. Now, I want to be a player that people are watching out for.”

    and one from Mr. Hashimoto


    “He’s slightly Bionic.”

    (Davies has had six surgeries and has titanium rods in his left femur and tiba, multiple metal plates in his face and a metal plate in his left elbow.)

    I love this friggin dude, once the new USMNT jersey’s are out, my order will certainly be a home white with Davies 9 on the back NO DOUBT!


  11. SO…how about Jermaine Jones come hang out with US doctors for awhile?? He could be back in a few weeks apparently.


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