Monster Jumble: T-Minus To USA South Africa

Flash: Jersey hounds, Big Jeezy is wearing #17 at WC 2010…fyi for your…information.

Cue the roundtable because TSG has a Jumble treat for you.

TSG Roundtable Jumbles are getting more competitive

TSG reached out to someof the best and most diverse soccer brains we know.

The topic: T-Minus Three Months to USA South Africa, a deep dive into some high visibility issues for the USMNT with World Cup 2010 approaching.

TSG steps back from blabbing our opinion for two whole days as we delve into some USMNT issues with some other notable experts.

Below are the questions and we’re going to divide each of them up–or combinations of them up–into separate mini-posts.


• The USMNT faces or possibly faces a whole host of dangerous attacking players in South Africa. Let’s just say Wayne Rooney is the most dangerous. Who’s next?

Still Aloysius Snuffleupagus to US fans...

• Tim Howard suggests Jermaine Jones may be a contender for inside the USMNT midfield come South Africa. Say we’re dealing Jones into the mix, what does this mean for personnel (Benny, Mike B, Rico, Edu, even Kljestan and Torres) and what does this mean for formation or style of play? How does an edition by Jones impact the team….or does it?

• Much has been made about the Yanks leftback position. Who do you favor as the lead in the depth chart there: Boca, Bornstein or Pearce….and why?

• Who should the USMNT respect more in the group stage Algeria or Slovenia….why?

• Which post-group stage opponent do you fear more?

• Today on March 17th, which USMNT player will surprise the most in South Africa, positively or negatively?

• Will Bob Bradley be the coach of the USMNT in September 2010?


From KC Wizards...

First up, he’s the phenomenal ambassador for your MLS Kansas City Wizards. He’s a member of their front office and author of “Hillcrest Road,” the official team blog, a nominee by US Soccer in 2009 for best soccer blog (the only blog from a MLS team in the running)…..and he’ll spank anybody, including Sacha Kljestan, in FIFA 10 on Wii. Please welcome, Kyle Rogers.

Next up, all the way from Where-Michael-Essien-Got-His-Start, France, is USMNT fan Martin Michelot. Please lend your support via comments on his blog, “Ligue 1 Talk” for Martin carrying the USA torch abroad! Martin suggests he’s going to be the only person in France rooting for the Yanks over the Algerians.

Further? We’ll let Martin tell you about his affinity for the one and only CD9: “My goal in life is to hang out with Charlie Davies for an hour. His injury happened right before he was supposed to play versus Lyon (my hometown) ; a devastating moment altogether.”

Countrymen, lend your support for Martin.

The Evil Empire?

Third on our list is none other than my fellow San Francisco Black Sox co-captain, Nathaniel Shoaff. Being a part of the Black Sox empire is not Shoaff’s claim to fame though. The Fort Wayne, Indiana native has the high distinction of playing elementary, middle and high school soccer with United States Futsal star Jamar Beasley; better known of course as the older brother to USMNT World Cupper DaMarcus Beasley.

Shoaff finds it important to point out that he played at Maple Syrup U (Middlebury College) where he earned the unofficial “most hated player in the conference” award two years running. I can attest that the title is….fitting.

Kevin McKee drops his soccer science on the rountable as a diehard USMNT fan “who’s had the privilege of being coached by Bruce Arena” and has played some Division I ball. McKee states that he is “spectator capped at all 3 US WC2006 games in Germany and countless “friendlies” – will miss work before a game and often watches twice to analyze. Been to countless friendlies/qualifiers/games from EJ’s debut hat trick at RFK, the “Italian Job” in Kaiserslautern, the Honduras game closed circuit at a bar in Philly, and was at RFK when we qualified, holding my “9” high.”

Whoa, that’s a lot of red, white and blue coming at us.

This next “educator” needs no introduction….if you read the TSG commentary. Known by the handle “GeorgeCross,” Prabhas Viswanathan has educated us on all things English football while balancing out the American bent of TSG. A thank you for that. Viswanathan is a ’till the death Crystal Palace fan and will be heading southward with the Three Lions to watch the Cup action in person. No word yet on whether Viswanathan was invited personally by Capello.

BF: Mancrushin'

Rounding out that table is Greg Aborghast, D.C. we believe. Aborghast is Fighting Irish alum who hails from Texas. He also was involved in one of our first piece’s that was penned by a reader….a certain mancrush column on one USMNTer Benny Feilhaber.


TSG is sitting this one out and letting the experts handle the discussion. Look for the first two mini-posts within the hour.


Update: And we’re rolling this morning already with question 1



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KMac on 2010/03/17 at 4:55 AM

    “Whoa, that’s a lot of red, white and blue coming at us.”

    = guilty as charged…I bleed red, white, and blue!
    Kevin M


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