Weekend Rolling…except for Defoe…

Here’s our main Weekend Preview.

Saturday update:

It will be a Street Clothes Saturday for the little man...

Tottenham Chief Rocka Jermain Defoe pulled Saturday for a pulled hamstring. Sent to the Training Table for up to three weeks. Harry Rednapp’s decision to hold onto Roman Pavlyuchenko could prove highly critical.

Hull’s got that critical away game at Pompey. A nice little feature on Big Jeezy on FIFA.com

Robinho’s loan to Santos might fall through due to funding; City says they don’t care. Either way, no go for the me-first player tomorrow against Red Bull at the stadium bonanza.

Sunday update:


• Will Fulham & Captain Clutch vex The City?

You better tell me know if you don’t like Deuce’s alternate nickname because I’m going to be using the CC frequently (I fear and I hope).

Fulham is home at the Cottage and Manchester City can seize the upperhand in that coveted 4th place spot.

Clint’s shot…so good we post it again.

• Sir Alex’s Minions vs. Rafa’s Ranks.

Is it some sort of Meyerside hex? A single tally for Wayne-O against Liverpool in his career. The Red Devs better have their Old Trafford mojo working because Liverpool might be gearing for a run after there 3-0 shellacking of Lille in the Europa this week.

Glen Johnson Evaluation Team, please report in. Thank you.

Oh and this just in: Dimitar Berbatov misses a record 15th sitter on the season for Sir Alex’s squad. Time for him to get a beer with Diego Forlan?

Finally who’s coming up the ranks for the Red Devils, their last major contribution from a reserve graduate, was it Macheda at the end of the last campaign? And someone give us a progress update on this kid below?

Rhain Davis…getting braces for his chompers or something?

• Blackburn vs. Chelsea

Don’t sleep on Blackburn….seriously. Blackburn helmsman Sam Allardyce no doubt watched as a stoic Carlo Ancelotti, with one collar askew, stood by and watched his Chelsea crew get embarrassed by Jose Mourinho’s Inter.

Blackburn will be up for this one at home and might be smelling a little lack of confidence on their opponent.

What Chelsea do in this one, I predict, will be a predictor for their season.

I say a 1-1 draw (though I’ll regret that comment Monday). Lampard for the away squad; Dunn for the home side. My NCAA brackets are horrible by the way.


Chief Ballhawker DeMerit

• Cardiff City host the Watford DeMerits

Watford has scratched a little and now sit half a breath above the relegation zone. JDM mans the middle as the Hornets go up against a Cardiff attack led by former Villa midfielder Peter Whittingham (17 goals on the campaign) and Sunderland loanee Michael Chopra who has cleaned up his act and should see a Premiership spell again soon.

Serie A

• AC Milan

I’ll be checking the box score here Sunday to see just two things…how many goals the Roseneri have given up and if Favalli or Kaladze gets the start partnering an out-of-form Silva in the middle.

That’s right TSG faithful…The Oguchi Onyewu Watch is back on!

• Glasgkow Rangers takes on their Buddies, St. Mirren

Take our poll.

The Gomez thing is a joke you know…you didn’t vote for that did you?


Put all your analysis….right…down…there…(TSG is going to be surfing here for the weekend.)

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by B-Mac on 2010/03/20 at 12:27 AM

    My beloved Spurs are just ridiculous right now on the injury front. Their starting 11 isn’t too bad, but they literally have zero cover right now. The only two guys on their bench tomorrow who anyone has ever heard of are Kaboul and Gudjohnsen. I was loving the Defoe/Pavy combo, now I get to see the return of the brilliant “Lob the ball into Crouch alone and hope for a miracle header” strategy that works so well for us.


  2. Posted by cesar on 2010/03/20 at 12:35 AM

    it’s going to really confuse me with my own nick I’ve given to Davies (Cap’n Clusterf*ck), which he’s earned by scoring a bagful of goals for me in FIFA strongly reminiscent of his goal against Egypt last summer, which if you’ll recall, may best be described as a total clusterf*ck. :)

    I know that if it comes to chaos in front of goal, he’s my guy. All the time.


  3. Posted by BklynPete on 2010/03/20 at 9:53 AM

    No Altidore in the Hull 18 today… Does he have an injury? Or does the arrival of Dowie spell bad things for Jozy?


  4. Posted by Antonio H. on 2010/03/20 at 10:35 AM

    I could give a damn about Hull and Phil Brown especially at thhis point in the season. I just wanna see Josmer the opposition’s back line. Phil can suck it.


  5. […] Posted by matthewsf in Americans Abroad. Tagged: Jozy Altidore, landon donovan, Michael Bradley. Leave a Comment Well, Chelsea slept on Blackburn…told them Blues not to do that. […]


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