RSL Fans In The Wild & Sat Review

Thanks for everyone contributing and educating on MLS in the comments.

I think TSG will try to bring on a writer who knows more about MLS here until I can both learn and feel passionate about the league. A lot of good commentary on what to watch. Thank you.

Came out of the ocean this morning after surfing and lo’ and behold, a number of Real Salt Lake fans down from Utah for the game.

So we snapped this pic.

All the way from Salt Lake to Ocean Beach, SF....

Going to have catch up on what I missed this morning, including:

• Aston Villa giving up at the Bridge, 7-0….and that team wants to play Champion’s League ball?!

• Going to watch the reply of Hull City beating Fulham, don’t worry about commenting I’ve already read the box score.

• Turns out Arsenal couldn’t get out of Birmingham with a win, per our preview, that would have been impressive.

• Inter losing away at Roma…can you say looking ahead to CSKA?  No doubt.

• Jonathan Spector back to leftback. Zola needs to go; that back line for West Ham needs continuity not rotation.

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  1. Posted by Jennifer on 2010/03/27 at 1:12 PM

    Although they lost, Cherundolo had a free kick goal and was captain.

    Don’t know why Spector was moved back to LB, he played well at RB the last 2 games.


  2. Posted by Len on 2010/03/27 at 1:48 PM

    Wow good to see more of this level of dedication in the MLS. That’s no short journey, although Buckshaw Stadium isn’t exactly intimidating to a visiting fan (sigh). Go Quakes!

    Unrelated question: Are you guys coming out with a TSG shirt (besides your player specific ones) anytime soon? I’d love to support one of the best USMNT blogs I’ve found.


    • Although there’s no TSG shirt yet (come on guys!) there is a shirt for the close personal friend of TSG, the Free Beer Movement. Just click on our name above and head to the site to see what we’ve got. Its from the soccer t-shirt company Objectivo so its good!

      Seriously, though. When TSG gets a shirt we can trade like at the end of a match! Get some pics of that when we hit the Stone Brewery tour.


  3. Absolutely fantastic, the entire USA-Italy game from World Cup 90 is posted here. Crazy to see footage from these matches, as I was in utero whilst they were occurring.


  4. Did anyone else see Dempsey’s, um, hand signal after he committed a foul late in the match against Hull City? Great match from Jozy in any case, he was terrorizing the Fulham defenders and I think drew 3 or 4 cards.


  5. Posted by Bob on 2010/03/27 at 5:57 PM

    Wow! Upper deck in Red Bull stadium is on fire! Looks like something you would see in Argentina or Germany. Amazing how things have changed in this country over the past two years.


  6. Hey Matt …. when you said you were working on a retro USA shirt for TSG I hope you meant it will look EXACTLY like our 1994 World Cup jerseys!


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