USMNT Friday Notes

Quick ones:

• Jermaine Jones still attempting to make “the 30.” Jones apparently is in California turning to USSF doctors for answers on his shin. Funny, TSG is in San Francisco and we didn’t even get a memo.

• TSG starlet Alejandro Bedoya headed home one on Thursday. DaMarcus Beasley’s horse is falling way behind. You may want to check out our bandwagon-building comments on AB from January.

Bolton message boards suggest Iceman Stu Holden’s going to get at least two games before the end of the EPL campaign.

• Meanwhile, England-USA rearing its head on Hull City message boards with a post entitled, “The Myth of Altidore.” For the record, both sides of the debate are right. Altidore needs work to become a dominant striker, but conversely Hull City middies are not doing him any favors.

Jay DeMerit on relegation and the Watford boards eating him alive…again.

This June 12th thing is heating up….

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  1. After reading the Hull message board, it’s a little surprising to me how many of their supporters seem to be upset with Jozy’s play this year. I have watched at least 3 of their games this season, and in every one Jozy is the only thing resembling a threat that they have up top. Also, he could have at least 4 goals on the season if the club would let him take the penalty kicks that he has won. The player who looked like garbage to me was Jimmy Bullard. He might be able to kick a PK or hit a free kick with some precision, but for the remaining 89 minutes of the game, he gives the ball up consistently and is a no-show on defense. It’s a shock to me that any team would pay big money for his services.


    • Jimmy Bullard is a one of those players who tends to look good themself while making his team worse. That’s why Hodgson sold him without a second thought. He’s Stevie G with a lot less talent.


  2. Posted by Chris on 2010/04/16 at 8:12 AM

    I agree, Goodraisin. I don’t think Jozy deserves the blame for Hull’s lack of attacking this season. Hull’s defense needs a lot of work.

    I read through a few of the comments on Hull’s board, and found this gem:

    “And my 10 year old lad managed to get the signed shirt Altidore threw in the crowd before the start of the game. It now hangs pride of place on my lads bedroom wall surrounded by all the other Hull City memrobillia he has.

    Altidore will forever be a hero in my boys eyes….. XD XD

    Come on you Ull only five more wins needed.
    Keep the faith.”


  3. Perhaps we all over-rate Jozy based on a minimal level of actual accomplishment but the kid is only 20, he’s got great potential and he’s all we’ve got.

    BTW, the closest I could come to a simulation was to deploy the tactics described in the US v England preview piece on FIFA10 vs. England. I had Jozy furthest up the pitch starting from wide right to get behind A. Cole and pull Terry out wide before coming inside further up the pitch, Dempsey was playing a deeper false-9 role from just in front of the midfield in attack and getting in Frank Lampard’s space out of possession and Donovan playing higher up the pitch on the left, almost as a W and pressuring Johnson with Edu shading to the left behind him. Holden was getting up the right wing to support the attack but getting back to tuck in beside Bradley and Edu who both played deeper staying close the the CBs and shading to the left in defense. After neutralizing England’s fullbacks, I set the tactics to defend narrowly and press aggressively which condensed the vertical space available in midfield.

    Lessons Learned:
    While FIFA10 does not think Walcott is very good and thinks Bocanegra is a speedster, it worked wonders to the point where I was dominating matches as the US and struggling when playing as England. This approach created extra-man situations in the wide areas of the pitch at the expense of bodies in the box.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/04/16 at 9:32 AM

      I think it is natural to rate Altidore when you have limited options of quality. This is normal. At 20, he really does have a lot of responsibility, carrying the striking hopes of a nation.

      Your W(M) formation reference cracks me up…


  4. Posted by Bob on 2010/04/16 at 9:39 AM

    Other players of note from this past week: 1. Gomez dressed but did not play on Tues. (?) night. 2. Goodson is playing full 90 and has been named MOTM in several games this year. 3. Chris Rolfe, yes I said Chris Rolfe, scored the game winner the other night (maybe worth a look in May lol).


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