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Lyon versus Bayern – Champions League Semi part deux

Guest commentator at TSG today.

TWEET TWEET TWEET - Game over. Well that was a major disappointment if you’re anyone other than a Bayern fan, but they deservedly book themselves a place in the finals at the Bernabeu in a few weeks time. Join us tomorrow for Barcelona versus Inter Milan

2 minutes of stoppage time...WHY…END THE MISERY…Altintop has an open goal and sends a shot over and around the goal. That took more skill then shooting it on target!

85:00 – Lyon’s fans are in full voice. Their team is getting crushed…embarrassingly but they are having a great time. Bayern still dominating this game. In good news for me, I won the prop bet that this game would yield 3 goals or more…this is not how I expected that to happen though!

78:00 – GOAL. 3-0 Bavarians! Olic gets his hat trick. Lahm runs past the statues also known as Lyon defenders and sends a looping cross to Olic who heads the ball past Lloris. A nice hat trick by Olic who was not good in the first leg but is more than making up for it here in France.

77:00 – How is Muller on this team? To be fair I haven’t followed Bayern this season but on a 3 on 2 breakaway where he could pass the ball anywhere for a 1 on 1 with the keeper he sends a ball straight at the defender!

71:00 – Lyon are in shock and Bayern is moving the ball around the Lyon half at will. Robben gets the ball and sends in a stinging drive which is well saved by Lloris who has been Lyon’s best and most consistent player this entire semi finals. This isn’t saying much.

Meanwhile, Franck has waken up from his nap but apparently the game has bored him so much that he picks up his Hello Kitty address book, reaches for his cell phone and leaves the stadium. Well, we shall see him at the Bernabeu for the final but against whom? Will it be Barca who would like nothing more than to win club footballs biggest prize in their rivals stadium? or will it be Italian giants Inter Milan whose manager will probably use his stay in Madrid to finalize his contract for managing Real Madrid the following season?

67:00 - Game over. Olic scores his second goal of the match as he waltzes unmarked into the Lyon box as the Turkish midfielder Altintop sends in a lovely pass that Olic controls and sends past Lloris. 2-0 Bayern, 3-0 on aggregate.

One can only hope that tomorrows game is more exciting. Mourinho will certainly do his best to stifle the Barcelona attacks, but as we all know the Catalan team possess the best and most creative attacking force in football today.

59:00 – Cris gets booked for a challenge on goalscorer Olic. It’s a good tackle I feel and apparently so does the Brazilian captain of Lyon who after getting booked, sarcastically applauds the ref. The Swiss referee is having none of it and immediately pulls out a second yellow and gives Cris his marching orders. This is madness from the referee. It wasn’t even a bookable first offense. Hopefully the World Cup won’t be like this. Lyon down to 10 men and this doesn’t look good.

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Some USMNT Thoughts For Tuesday

Some States bullets for Tuesday:

That's rightback Jonathan Spector

• I’m not sure why media and fans continue to insist that Jonathan Spector is a viable option at left back for the Yanks. Spector is having a rough go of it right now at West Ham, but in his defense the entire West Ham defense is not that solid.

Since 2008, Specs owns 14 USMNT caps. Twelve times he’s been at right back…the other two? Center back. Gotta look somewhere else for your left back option.

• As questions continue on whether Herculez Gomez or Edson Buddle should be called, remember that Jeff Cunningham was called after not participating in the national team in 5 years and at the age of 33.

• Speaking of USMNT strikers, a Hull City message board claim states that Jozy Altidore–in what is a totally believable instance for us–returned a tweet to a Tigers supporter that commented, “thank you for your continued support, but unfortunately i was only on loan for this season and the club have not informed me about staying, i will go back to my parent club. once again sorry for Saturday.”

Check out the thread here.

In our piece yesterday on Jozy’s relocation package, TSG commenter Freegle pointed out West Hammerville was an option to which I replied that a certain Carlton Cole was the key to any move there. If you read our piece, check this story on Cole’s possible relocation. Seems like the TSG community is on the right track….and West Ham could be a possible option for the Big Jeezy.

713 to 154. Minutes. Since the March friendly, World Cup wing candidates Alejandro Bedoya (high man) and DaMarcus Beasley (low man) have gone in opposite direction. Excluding stoppage time, Aljeandro Bedoya has featured in all but 7 minutes of Orebro’s 8-game season thus far.

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Finally: The Deuce’s Sixty

Reason #2923 Why The Yanks Can Stomp Three Lions


Guest Post: The USMNT Needs A Mascot!

Wow, looks like TSG just found a loophole….

Remember this bit of secrecy?

A few months back TSG actually considered putting together a top-secret brief to send to Sunil Gulati and the United States Soccer Federation suggesting a new name for our beloved USMNT. The “Yanks” had too much baggage, and not enough uniqueness.

Yanks’ supporters around the web got wind and–as TSG is not a dictatorship but a great democracy where all our welcome–voted to retain the Yanks’ moniker (see bottom of the linked post above).

The argument over the USMNT’s national identity sat dormant for a while, but the rumblings of Eyjafjallajökull must have awoken something.

So today a guest post from Matt Biggerstaff of Constantly Offsides. Let the record state unequivocably that we are not lobbying for a name change, but what about…..

(..and you may notice some stunning similarities to the former piece.)

Give Us Liberty and Give Us a Mascot!

The mascot. It can make or break the public affection for your team.

Not a single orange has ever been grown in Central New York...but WHO CARES?!

Considering it’s often the first thing anyone thinks of in association with the squad and it directly influences how your fans dress and act, it is often overlooked unfairly.

Currently the USMNT does not have an established mascot.

Today, that changes.

From this day forward, my humble opinion, combined with TSG’s previous research, will be the defining breakthrough in American soccer “mascotdom.”

Is “mascotdom” even a word?

Whatever, if I’m defining the National Team mascot for the future, I must be important enough to make up words too.
At least that is what I keep telling myself. So we are off to the races. Even though Racers aren’t even one of the options. Because it isn’t good enough for the national team, which, like a classy lady, deserves only the best.
The Militia

I just like the sound of the Militia. It’s intimidating. Makes me want to be a part of it. Sounds militaristic, but in a cool way. Sounds like The Crew, which I think is the best MLS mascot, partially because it is so vague and because they have a sick logo.

The guys' name is already Sam, just throw some Stars & Stripes on that git up...

Pros: Sounds awesome. I don’t think I can state that enough. Being a part of the militia would be cool. Guru (RIP), he was all about the militia….so we have a song….that is timely and honorary. Sounds organized and compact, like the USMNT. It’s threatening; could strike fast and out of nowhere.

Shirts and matching outfits would be easy to manufacture. The fans could organize the militia. Would help rally fans because who doesn’t want to join a militia. Defined as a military force of ordinary citizens, which describes our national team as they defend our nation on the pitch.

Cons: Competes with the Outlaws in terms of theme, which I don’t really like. The militaristic theme has some negative connotations. When I think of militia I automatically think of a website called whiskey militia. How does one dress in a militia? Do girls like guys who are part of a militia? Slightly nerdy, sounds video game-esque. Apparently you need a drummer?

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Charlie Davies: Practicing Now In Pads

Charlie Davies, resumes full training with FC Sochaux.

#9 is going to be on time!

Get’em Charlie!






TSG wishes you the best Charlie.

Now we got to harangue Stu.

More: A solid New York Times article on Davies….sorry folks tried hard to get this interview.


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