EPL Jumble: After Rooney, Then Who?

It’s hard to argue that Wayne Rooney isn’t the MVP of the EPL this year. Say you had to rule him out, who’s next?

Scott, Die Hipster Brewing: Didier Drogba. Love him or hate him, he is an absolute force.  Teams have to keep him out of games and that just frees up Kalou/Malouda/Lampard and Anelka.  He makes heroic defensive plays.  He works the trap and works the refs twice as hard.

This....is the 2nd choice.

Richard Farley, EPLTalk: I don’t believe it is difficult to argue somebody else is the league’s MVP.  Were I a member of the Football Writers Association, I would have voted for Didier Drogba – who has a better goal rate, many more assists, is on a better team and has been a more difficult match-up for his opposition.  I would have then voted for Carlos Tévez, then Rooney, then Cesc Fabregas.  Rooney’s season is great, but the idea that he would be a landslide winner of the FWA award has roots in paper love, amongst other things.

Chris, Arsenal: I think you could put Drogba in there with Rooney as well (pretty amazing stats and performances for Drogba this year). Outside of those two, it is Cesc Fabregas. In games that Cesc featured for less than 45 minutes Arsenal are 4-3-4 by my count…Without Cesc, Arsenal are nowhere near winning a trophy. With him, they are pretty damn close. Statistics-wise Fabregas is second in goals scored with 15 and tied for the lead with 15 assists for all midfielders.

Rob, 723FootballFilms: As hard as it is for me to say Didier Drogba is undoubtedly the runner up MVP of the EPL this year. Drogba is only one goal behind Rooney for the league lead and had to miss a chunk of the season while off to the African Nations Cup. If Chelsea didn’t have Drogba banging in the goals left and right I don’t think they’d be in the title race at this point. Drogba has scored 23.25% of Chelsea’s goals.

Matthew, TSG: I have to go with part of my all-EPL column yesterday–and I can’t let Didier “Ezel” Drogba win unanimously.

Manchester United let in a suffocating 28 goals on the campaign–this with all four of its backline out for various amounts of time. At one point, Patrice Evra played centerback and Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick took turns at rightback. Additionally, Gary Neville certainly did not get a year younger. United clearly excelled once Edwin Van Der Saar returned from injury late in 2009. His calming and reassured presence cannot be understated

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  1. I think you’ll find that Didier was the first choice. Drogba is who Rooney would like to be when he grows up. I think it’s hard to be MVP when you spent the business end of the season injured. That said, Man U is pretty rubbish without Rooney so he’s definitely their MVP. But Chelsea are poised to be champions without the services of our best player – Master Essien.


  2. Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/05/04 at 1:36 PM

    Tuesday, please take off your blue-tinted specs for one moment!

    It’s a little debatable on who is actually the better striker, but in terms of who’s the Player of the Year, I would say Rooney only because United are very ordinary without him, but Chelsea are still a class act without Drogba. Rooney probably would’ve won the title single handedly had he not been injured. Chelsea, as a team, are getting goals from all over.

    Agreed. Essien is a beast.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2010/05/04 at 1:45 PM

      Essien is a bison. However I completely agree with GeorgeCross here.

      Drogba has Anelka Rooney has Manbandberbatov

      I feel because Rooney doesn’t look imposing (Drogba) or dazzle with dribbling (Messi)–he doesn’t get enough credit.


  3. I think Roo is a great player, I always have, but you don’t think there’s just a little bit of St. George’s Cross tinted spectacles going on heading into the World Cup? Only me then? I agree he had a blazing run of from from December to February but he hasn’t bothered to knock in a goal for over a month now. If the season were 3 months yes, but it’s not.

    He was anointed as the chosen one to lead Engerland to world cup glory years ago… and the scribes will push the narrative til it’s dead. True, some of the games United have squeaked lately may have been easier with a fit Roo and congrats to them for pushing Chelsea to the last day but we’re the ones with the chance to be Champions at home this week-end. Fat Frank, who’s sacrificed himself for the team, has scored only 5 fewer goals from midfield, and had 3 times as many assists (15). Drogba has 13 assists.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2010/05/04 at 2:20 PM

      I actually dispise United and grew up less than 8 miles from Stamford Bridge – I generally always go for the non-United player such is my hatred. But, I think think that his individual performances have outshone everybody. Well, maybe not Darren Ambrose…


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