Group G game 4 – Portugal versus North Korea

Can the "People's Rooney" Bring North Korea back into this game?

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. The ref blows the onslaught to an end as a 6 goal second half caps an emphatic 7 goal win for Portugal.

91:00 – I feel for the North Korean players as they very will might feel the wrath of “Dear Leader”. Portugal effectively eliminating 2 teams with this performance.

89:00 – Now that’s just mean as Tiago heads home a 7th. Great header by Taigo. Portugal 7 – North Korea 0

87:00 – GOOOOOOAAAAL. Ronaldo. His perseverance earns him the goal as Leidsen challenges the defender and the rebound comes to Ronaldo who rounds the keeper, followed by some clever accidental juggling as the ball finally lands at his feet and he slots it home. Portugal 6 – North Korea 0

82:00 – This pretty much means that Ivory Coast will be going home with North Korea, though they are not mathematically out, they can certainly rue their lazy first game against Portugal.

81:00 – GOOOOALLLLLL. LIEDSEN. The new sub hammers the ball home from the 6 yard box. Poor defending from North Korea. Portugal 5 – North Korea 0

80:00 – Game has slowed down a bit. Portugal just playing around with the ball as North Korea have lost, and understandably some of their desire.

72:00 – All Portugal now as more click passing ends with Ronaldo trying to get his first goal but Myong-Guk is up for it and stops the shot.

71:00 – Great effort from Ronaldo as he gathers the ball out wide and makes his way in and takes a long range shot but it hits the top of the cross bar.

62:00 – North Korea still trying as they are now playing for pride. I wonder if Kim Jong Il is giving instructions though his mobile technology if he shoulders some of the blame for this performance?

60:00 – GOOOOOAAAALLLLL. Tiago. Ronaldo scampers down the wing and cuts back a great ball that Tiago one times past the keeper from the top of the box. The North Korean defense is in shambles. Portugal 4 – North Korea 0

58:00 – This is certainly going to make Ivory Coast’s job harder as they will have to beat North Korea by more goals and hope that Brazil CRUSH Portugal. Looking slim for the African giants.

56:00 – GOOOOOOOOOAAAAL. Almeida. This time the striker is left alone to easily head home the third from a lovely Coentrao cross. Portugal 3 – North Korea 0

53:00 – GOAAAAAAAALLLLL. Simao. Like the first goal, Portugal carve up the North Korean defense with some quick passing and well timed runs. Meireles turns provider sends a threw ball straight into Simao’s path and he puts it away with ease. Portugal 2 – North Korea 0

51:00 – Portugal win a free kick on the corner of the box and after a little tricky jumping over the ball by his team mates, Jong Tae-Se strikes it low but it is well saved by Eduardo.

49:00 – Some spilling by the keeper off a Ronaldo shot almost gifts Portugal a second goal but in the end the potential striker was offside.

46:00 – Tiago has an open shot from about 25 yards and Guk pushes it over for a corner which was disappointingly taken.

PEEEEEEEEEP – And North Korea kick off the second half.


47:00 – Rain plus product = Ronaldo’s hair.

45:00 – Simao showing his burst of speed as he skins his defender. His cross though is just inches over Meireles. Ronaldo collects the loose ball but he is well tackled.

42:00 – Ronaldo who had disappeared for some time tries a shot but the effort was always curling wide.

40:00 –  Wall does it’s job and we have to wait yet some more time for the first goal from a free kick.

38:00 – Yellow card for Pedro Mendes as he scythes down a North Korean forward right outside box.

35:00 – A mistake by the Korean defense is gifted to Meireles but the goalscorer flubs his shot wide.

29:00 – GOOOOOOOOAAAAAL. A lovely through ball by Almeida is latched onto by Meireles who one times it by a sprawling Ri Myong Guk. I would dare say that North Korea were dominating the game up until this point. North Korea 0 – Portugal 1

25:00 – Both nations trying their luck from out far. Portugal win a corner from their latest effort but the kick is poor North Korea easily.

23:00 – Great defending by Cha Jung Hyok who at the last second heads away a cross from Miquel.

21:00 – North Korea find the space to take shots from outside the penalty box. Their efforts arn’t on target but when they are they will be tricky to deal with sue to the rain and the movement of the “ball”.

18:00 – North Korea just head wide of a Eduardo parry. That was close from North Korea who are getting increasingly more adventurous and dangerous. I believe the same can be said politically.

17:00 – ESPN’s super slow motion just shows Cha Jung Hyok’s wrist bending the wrong way.

15:00 – Lovely breakaway move by North Korea but the final ball is cut out nicely by Eduardo

12:00 – The people’s Rooney tries his luck from a 40 yard free kick but his effort goes high over the cross bar.

7:00 – Miquel starts a break down the middle and releases Simao down the wing but his cross is blocked out for a corner. From the corner Carvalho heads past the on rushing keeper but, North Korea are saved by the woodwork.

5:00 – End to end stuff though no real efforts on goal. Both teams feel like they can get three points here!

3:00 – Ronaldo takes the first shot of the match which almost wrong foots the keeper but he gathers and saves. It’s raining hard so this could provide for some entertainment.

Will Ronaldo add tears to his repertoire of acting skills?

TWEEEEEEET and Portugal kick it off!

Maybe most importantly…this is the last 4am game of the tournament!

Can North Korea create another surprise upset in this tournament? I sure hope so.


Line ups

Portugal (4-3-3) 1-Eduardo; 13-Miguel, 2-Bruno Alves, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 23-Fabio Coentrao; 19-Tiago, 8-Pedro Mendes, 16-Raul Meireles; 7-Cristiano Ronaldo, 11-Simao Sabrosa; 18-Hugo Almeida.

North Korea (5-4-1) 1-Ri Myong-guk; 2-Cha Jong-hyok, 13-Pak Chol-jin, 3-Ri Jun-il, 8-Ji Yun-nam, 5-Ri Kwang-chon; 11-Mun In-guk, 17-An Yong-hak, 4-Pak Nam-chol, 10-Hong Yong-jo; 9-Jong Tae-se.


Good morning. Welcome to the last day of the second round. Portugal after a listless first game are playing to get out of the group. North Korea carried themselves very well in their first game against Brazil and will be hoping to get a point or three today.

13 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/06/21 at 4:31 AM

    I’d like to take this opportunity to comment that Miguel is one of my favorite players from World Cup 2006 and was super steady in his prime.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/06/21 at 4:37 AM

    Ricardo Carvalho – the best Chelsea player in World Cup 2010 to date– who would have thought that.


  3. Posted by matthewsf on 2010/06/21 at 4:48 AM

    Someone needs to tell John Harkes that not every players jersey number carries the same weight as “the #9″ and “the #10″

    Every single time with Harkes….it’s So-and-So “the #13″

    I feel like someone’s taking a cheese grater to my ears.


    • “the #13″ = “I don’t know this players name and even if I did I couldn’t pronounce it so I’m just not going to bother”


    • This has been bothering me for some time now. All he does is cite jersey numbers and clubs that someone plays for. Just makes me appreicate Ian Darke and Martin Tyler all the more. Yesterday during the Brazil-Ivory Coast game Tyler pointed out that the Directors for the World Cup all come from different countries thus producing a much different take on the game with the camera angles and replays that they show. One of those things that just blew my mind; we’ve never had a commentator for any sport, let alone soccer, make a statement like that.


  4. Well looks like Cote D’Ivoire will have to beat North Korea by 7 and hope that Brazil beat Portugal by at least two goals (without conceding) or more.

    It’s amazing how many times Sven can be a total failure and still find people in football who are willing to hire him.


    • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/21 at 7:08 AM

      Tuesday – He’s been poor the last few years but was excellent in Italy and Portugal as a club manager, especially in cup competitions.


      • I know where Sven made his reputation – just amazed that it still carries any weight. Frankly, it’s sad what he’s done to the Ivory Coast. They are fairly well organized but weren’t remotely interested in attacking until they’d gone down 3 goals. Very disappointing.


        • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/21 at 7:43 AM

          Yeah, both games by Ivory Coast were disappointing in that they showed no real intent. Not sure how that is reflected by Sven, cause he’s not a hard man like coach (so they should be playing in fear of making a mistake), but they certainly could have done better against Portugal.


        • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/21 at 7:52 AM

          Sven also pretty good with both England and City. He had winning records and took the both teams further then where they were before. With England, I believe he was let go cause of his personal life and the embarrassment with the fake Sheik. City had to do with the strange ownership.

          I think his only really poor managing gig was with Mexico, so he’s not a bad option as a second tier manager.

          At some point, players just need to step up and stop blaming the manager for playing poorly.


        • Posted by sfshwebb on 2010/06/21 at 7:55 AM

          That said…if Svennis gets fired who gets hired first Domenech or Erikson?


  5. Wow, that was an emphatic beat down. How could a team like North Korea, who looked so organized defensively against Brazil, look so pedestrian defensively against Portugal? I mean, Portugal is a good team, but they are no Brazil.


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