Reader Query: Lando Jersey, Yay or Nay?

Gotta go with "this?" Lando kit?

Got a reader question today in column commentary and so, as we’re prone to do here at TSG, we acted as a conduit to getting the answer from other experts.

The question:

Should I buy my Everton Landon Jersey? Even if he doesn’t go, it’d be cool to have, right?

And your answers:

Twitter handle: @conradh
@shinguardian do it (if you are a USA Everton fan) since he played for a period with them

Twitter handle: @GTTF

@shinguardian every Everton shirt with Donovan on it sold brings us that much closer to Moyes having the transfer funds

Twitter handle: @sparnon
@shinguardian Still pretty cool.

In case you weren't aware, the inspiration for Everton's away kit last year came from the Sears Portrait Studio circa 1982

Twitter handle: @crocken
@shinguardian only if its last years kit, and the black/pink one.

Twitter handle: *@Eric_Howell
@shinguardian if he goes to citteh I have a home medium I will sell. (I mean burn)

Twitter handle: @fka_Rusty
@shinguardian I say it’s cool since he was there for 3 months… Tho it’d be better if it was the 09-10 shirt…

Twitter handle: @TommyBB
@shinguardian Yes. He WENT, and acquitted himself well, there. Changed my view of him, that’s for sure


Oh, and looking for your fix of Everton? Check out the Followtonians Podcast. This week, the crew over there will have former Everton stud and Kansas City “Wizards” youth coach Paul Rideout as their guests.

The crew at Followtonians does a good job led by *Eric Howell who responded above. Here’s what Eric had to say about the potential sale of Yakubu to West Ham:

In the beginning, this relationship had so much promise...

» I say good riddance.  Oh and please take his countryman Yobo with him.  As I stated on The Followtonians Podcast evaluating Everton players at the World Cup, I wouldn’t be surprised if the missed SITTER by Yakubu isn’t the single most reason why Goodluck Jonathan initially suspended the Nigerian National Team from international competition for two years.

With the additions of Beckford & Silva and the maturation of Rodwell who is listed as a midfielder but could be pressed into work up top due to his nose for the goal, I say goodbye.  The Toffees would be better to get anything they can from what can only be described as a disappointing stint with the club.

Cut the fat and cut their losses.  Everton has faster, younger, & more dangerous options that are ready to score now and in the near future. Stop feeding the Yak.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by badabing on 2010/08/03 at 3:44 PM

    TSG, thanks for the investigative work. To keep readers updated, i’m browsing ebay trying to find an 09-10 shirt, outlook is bleak right now though.
    Thanks again!


  2. thanks for the mention.

    @badabing I might have a home Medium available pending Landon’s choice.


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