The Weekend: Commentary…Here

The mancrush is reaching unhealthy heights...

A rocky start to our 2011 “smattering of predictions” piece.

Our lay-up, Michael Bradley to the Premiership, just fizzled as Junior is Istanbul not Constantinople or Sunderland bound. (Update: Um, “just happened” … TSG looking a little better on the prediction.)

Yet, a rebound as TSG claimed that “Two Javier’s would join the world’s elite.”

Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez looked the part with yet another spectacular off-ball run and score this week against Blackpool.

While Javier number two–Pastore that is–didn’t net, but troubled Parma all day Tuesday as Palermo ousted Parma from the Coppa Italia.

The weekend sees surging Palermo head to the San Siro to take on Inter Milan in a skirmish of top sides in Serie A.

Here are few other games to look out for:

• Pachuca v. Cruz Azul

Heavyweights battle in a top Primera match-up. Eyes on Herc Gomez who banged in two last time he faced Azul.

• Bursaspor v. Galatasaray

A good chance–if you adthe it–to watch Junior’s new club in action. A critical battle as Gala takes on penultimate (check out that word selection John) side in the table.

• Everton v. Chelsea

A replay of the 2009 FA Cup finale that saw the Toffees race out to a 1-0 lead just two minutes in on a Luis Saha lefty volley….only to waste a fine performance by Tim Howard as Nicolas Anelka barreled through and around Phil Neville for the 2nd half game winner.

• Hercules v. Barcelona

This might get ugly…or not?

Will Hercules be buoyed by their 2-0 win away at the Camp Nou earlier this session and put up another fight with the home ground behind them?

Or…will Barca continue their dominance away from home this year and make Hercules pay for the home blemish?

• West Ham v. Nottingham Forest

Really just Americans here. A battle between Jonathan Spector who is slowly becoming more than just a Brian Scalabrine at West Ham and Robbie Findley who is hoping the European pitches are 110 yards instead of 100.

• Southampton v. Manchester United

Will Old Trafford present a stage for England’s hottest high schooler? Southampton are no slouch in the Championship sitting 4th right now and two points of 2nd.

While the Saints are battling some key injuries, sensation Alex Chamberlain, the apple of Arsene Wenger’s eye and the latest hyped native, has a chance to show country what he’s capable of….now.

The recent lineage at Southhampton (Theo Walcott, Gareth Bale) suggest Chamberlain’s one to watch.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Eric L on 2011/01/29 at 6:15 AM

    I wouldv’e predicted MB to head to the premier league to but i’m happy with his transfer. Also, is there some secret to getting adthe to work, it only works about half the time for me? Is that usual? And one last thing, Southhampton are in L1 not the Championship.


    • Posted by GeorgeCross on 2011/01/29 at 10:50 AM

      Plus it’s being played at St. Mary’s [home team is ALWAYS stated first in England/Europe]…


  2. Posted by Sean on 2011/01/29 at 6:41 AM

    Bradley has been loaned to Villa.


  3. Posted by dth on 2011/01/29 at 8:02 AM

    No mention of Australia-Japan?


  4. Posted by dth on 2011/01/29 at 8:07 AM

    Also: Bobby Wood, aged 18, made his debut for 1860 Munich today. Congrats to him.


  5. Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/01/31 at 12:49 PM

    Re the Pastore mancrush. I watched the Inter-Palermo game yesterday and I just don’t see him as all that super special. Looks like a very solid forward with excellent speed and moves with the ball but to hear him mentioned in the same breath as Messi is just not something I get. Nice through ball to start the second goal but maybe I’m missing some other well-rounded or dynamic plays.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2011/01/31 at 12:54 PM

      Not his best gam yesterday but surely you realize he was double teamed for most of the day.


      • Posted by KickinNames... on 2011/01/31 at 1:57 PM

        Understood. Not indicating that he’s not a very good player but just don’t see the superlatives yet.
        BTW- was it just me or was Inter headhunting at will for him the entire game? I saw at least 4 different altercations where obvious obstruction or flagrant elbows were thrown and the ref just looked the other way. It was noticeable.


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