TSG Interviewing: About Our Next Piece

US Soccer may not have a game Wednesday, but it will still have a voice.

On the site we will have a few words from Sunil Gulati that I recorded in conversation with him a few Saturdays ago at the Home Depot Center after the Chile game.


TSG was privileged to be allowed to listen to Gulati discuss everything from red jerseys to the CONCACAF changes in a closed door fan session before the match.

As I commented in the quick follow-up the next day–a piece you should read if you haven’t already–Gulati’s answers in the fan session were much more off the cuff when spoken in a sort of classroom setting as opposed to tailored for media consumption in our talk. Understandable.

We were allotted ten minutes after the match to follow-up with Sunil. This was a long time coming as a having a verbal conversation, not via email with head of US Soccer, was broached all the way back in September 2009.

Admittedly, at the time TSG was just another upstart blog, and had not gained traction as a frequently-updated publication. We continued to harangue US Soccer and if it wasn’t the World Cup, it was the Bradley hiring that pushed us out. Then the World Cup bid….until finally 2011.

With the time I had in the mixed zone with the president of US Soccer, I tried to be succinct on some things, but also balance the interview as I had not had the pleasure of interviewing him before. Whatever you think of USSF or Gulati’s decision making, it’s hard to dispute that Gulati is not a skilled broadcaster.

In transcribing the interview–finally–last evening, I realized, in my haste to fill it with as many nuggets as possible I also didn’t ask the appropriate follow-ups. It’s not one of the better “TSG-style interviews” unfortunately in our opinion.

Nevertheless, out of for your consumption tomorrow and we’ve submitted a request to follow-up.

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