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Wednesday: Terry Tweets & Philly Polls

Just a quick round-up this morning:

Terry will go to the Euros...

• Shambolic! RT @RobHarrisUK BREAKING: England captain Terry not to stand trial on charge of racially abusing opponent until after Euro 2012.

The skinny: John Terry’s legal trial regarding his alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand postponed to the week of July 9th….or after Euros 2012. Wow. What to feel about your country’s legal system if you’re English?

Also, with England’s FA act independent of court ruling or does this give them an out.

• Sebu Le Toux had a statistical hand in just under 50% of the Union’s goals in 2010. What’s the move for the Union here?

The skinny: While the undercurrent making the rounds in the media is that Sebu Le Toux was a distraction for the Union. Is that just a smokescreen for a spat with Coach Piotr Nowak or does it smack of deeper troubles off the Walt Whitman?

Le Toux controlled the messaging on Wednesday morning suggesting that he was at worse a model Union player. Big things for management to answer for here. And we ask…..

Le Toux, blindsided...

• Find it exceedingly odd neither @AbbyWambach or @hopesolo commented on WPS. Being a sport’s ambassador means commenting in good *& bad times

The skinny: Abby Wambach joined Twitter during the height of the USWNT World Cup theatrics. She thanked her fans for showering her with applause, goaded on all to support the team and then turned around and pushed the WPS.

She is weirdly devoid of any public statement now 48 hours after the WPS announcement as is hope Solo who danced her way into nearly 20 million living rooms through ABC after the tourney.

Wambach is the current spokeswoman for women’s soccer in the US. Speak up please.


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