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World Cup 2002: Germany 1, USA 0: The Ten Year Reunion

Save by Kahn!

The match is still held up as the modern day heights scaled of the USMNT soccer program.

The World Cup? On location in Ulsan, Korea… Friday, June 21, 2002.

The match? USA vs. Germany in the World Cup quarterfinals. Tomorrow the 10-year anniversary will be used as a grand US Soccer timeline marker.

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Euro 2012, Group D: Is Ukraine Merely A Road Apple?

Zlatan is ready to take his plane and go on vacation as France looks to waltz it’s way through it’s near-irrelevant match.

The other one is a biggie though? Ukraine fighting to see one of the hosts through as England looks to bury it’s reputation as the Big Nation Who Couldn’t.

Euro 2012 final group stage day. Back to TSG programming tomorrow.

Hi Shaun.

Euro 2012, Group C: Blue Skies Amid Red Fury?

Croatia vs. Spain. Italy vs. Ireland–with it’s own subplots.

Who goes through, who gets upended? Check out our takes here.

Euro 2012: Death Today To the Group of Dead

Will the Holland Citrus Apples take their weak bow today? Does Ronaldo say “bah….?” Do Rommendahl and Denmark atone for World Cup 2010? And will Beaker & Kyle Martino continue to drive the German Machine at steamroller level? Checkout what we thought!

Fun day in the Euros.

Either of these guys get the easy goal and pat on the back today?

Euro 2012: Group A, Game 3: D-Day

Two left standing. Two homeward bound.

The Czechs vs. the Poles. The Greeks vs. the Russians. Game on.

Will they get what they came for?

Euro 2012: Group D, Game 2: That’s No Swedish Massage!

France vs. Ukraine.

England vs. Sweden. No strangers to one another. Checkout what we think will happen here.

Beckham and England have played the Blondes to draws many times before.

But you know we’d have a pick of fave Kim Kallstrom.


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