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TSG Exec Plan: World Cup Coverage Schematic

Prodded on by some reader comments yesterday, TSG wanted to run our proposed World Cup coverage planning by our esteemed community. Pretty simple stuff and obviously skip to the soccer columns right now if you like….

Here you go: The completely non-top secret schematic to World Cup coverage….highly, uh, confidential.

A simple diagram below: Basically an inverse pyramid whereby the quality and quantity is obviously focused on the USMNT.

As you move down the pyramid the depth and quantity of the coverage reduces. The circle just represents writing on whatever the author feels like. Whereas coverage within the pyramid has to be somewhat structurally similar–previews should follow a similar format from one group to the next–the circle denotes just writing whatever the heck you feel like.

Thoughts? Other features you like? Some other ideas as well:

• A sidebar that has links on a game by game basis so readers can comment as the game is in action.

• Features on jerseys, kits, and country soccer histories.

• Guest commentary from our readers or other selected writers….

TSG (Confidential)...completely not confidential mind you....

Thank you American Outlaws!

My brother and I want to give a really loud “Let’s go US!” to the American Outlaws for selecting us as USMNT commentary for their fan club supporters.

TSG got an email two month ago from Justin Brunken who fronts the up-and-coming supporter club. Brunken was appreciative of our commentary and a phenomenal spokesman for his group–he certainly conveyed the sincerity of their support for the USMNT. Mark, on our side, and Justin got it going and voila.

Check out the American Outlaws and check out where we’ll be appearing.

More importantly check Sunil Gulati addressing the support group before the Honduras game in Chicago in June of this year.

(Holy smokes, guys, I just got goosebumps watching this! Thanks!)

Calling All Soccer Moms

Calling all soccer moms: TSG wants to do a mother’s day pictorial. Are you a mom or do you have a pic of your mother and you playing or taking in a bit of soccer. We want it for that special day.

Email, Subject: Mother’s day special


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