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Don’t Tread, Gold Cup Style: Entry #1

Cranking back up the 2011 hype machine here at TSG. Stoking the engine with golazo burgers courtesy of the USMNT.

The Don’t Tread Challenge is TSG’s search for for the most insanely awesome video that gets fans fired up about USMNT heading this year into the Gold Cup 2011.

Voting will take place in May.


Entry #1: A Team Of Great Moments

by Jay Bell

About the creator: Entry #1 comes from TSG writer and now AP-published reporter Jay Bell. Jay’s an expert on MLS, but as you can see also on carving up some great USMNT moments and reconfiguring them.

It’s  got TSG’s favorite goal celebration, Michael Bradley demanding to celebrate with all his teammates at the corner flag during the Slovenia game. Check it out.


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