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Stu Holden: The Shin Guardian Interview

(Note: Full video after the page break)

A few weeks ago TSG was lucky enough to land an interview with Gold Cup performer extraordinaire Stu Holden.

We were specifically enamored by Stu’s play this summer after watching him sporadically with the Dynamo. As huge fans (as those of you that read this publication know) of Benny Feilhaber, the ability to maintain possession is a talent and skill heavily favored at TSG.

USMNT mainstay? For sure

"Stu, you've got the swagger too"

However, when we started digging into Stu’s Interwebs history and researching more about him, we found a lot more things that impressed us about Stu.

First and foremost, for those outside the Houston area, Stu won 2008 USSF Dynamo Humanitarian of the Year Award for his work with Athletes of Hope and Holden’s Heroes. What makes this award even more impressive is that Holden won it in his first year on the team–rookies typically have trouble just coming into a league. This is just another example of why we think #22 will be a fine ambassador for the US for years to come.  Find out in the interview a little bit more about what motivates Stu’s work on such endeavors.

We also dug up quite a bit of content that seemed to suggest Stu is a Man United fan. One post even suggested the Stu “idolized” David Beckham growing up (sorry Stu, by your reaction that might mean someone was stretching it).

Guess who Stu would train with from Manchester history? For those of you that watched the last five minutes of the Haiti game, you might get this one right.

Finally, we tried to peg down Stu to a nickname, either The Kilted One (kind of boring), McGroin (debatable legs to this one as well), Hollywood (possibly) or Metro (apparently that’s a USMNT favorite).  However, while Stu answered our Twitter question — this one got left out. (Clark, we don’t blame you for leaving that question out.)

Some other questions we should have snuck in for the Dynamo standout?

* What do you think your chances of making the World Cup roster are? (We say they are about 99%-100%)

* What is feel like to represent your country, especially when traveling abroad?


continue reading and view the video interview

Stu Holden in Surround Sound: The Interview

Station  WSTU: Coming soon

Station KSTU: Coming soon


A ginormous thank you to Clark Haptonstall and the Haptonstall Group for graciously accepting our request to interview Stu Holden. Clark did us one better, he got it on video. Thanks Clark!

Coming on Monday we’ll have a breakdown of the interview with Stu Holden.

We’ll tell you one thing straightaway, the commentary by Stu only seeks to reinforce that he is going to be a great ambassador for the USMNT for many many years….and that his hair is always so perfect.

Coming Monday, Stu Holden interviewed by Clark Haptonstall on behalf of the The Shin Guardian.


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