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Barcelona Vs Arsenal – Second leg

Fabregas's audition to play for Barcelona is not going all that well.

TWEEET TWEET TWEET. Barcelona go through. Barcelona were amazing but the referee was even better. All told the Blau Grana deserved to win, but the referee denied us fans an exciting second half with the RVP sending off. Shame.

92:00 – Barcelona are playing keep away as Arsenal desperately try to get the ball back.

90:00 – Arsenal’s defense has been poor and amazing all at the same time. They have given up so many bad passes and gotten beaten so easily, but have done what it takes to stop the final ball. Game could very well have been 32-1.

87:00 – Arsenal get a break-away and Wilshire tee’s up Bendtner but the lumbering Dane’s touch is poor and Valdes claims it. A better striker would have scored. Little Miss TSG would have scored.

86:00 – Wow. Barcelona waltz into Arsenal’s box and it was Dani Alves and Messi versus Almunia who is haplessly rooted to the spot and yet the Brazilian’s half pass, half shot goes wide. Not sure how they screwed that up.

85:00 – Messi charges down the middle again, surrounded by 5 players and lays the ball of for Afellay, but Almunia again makes himself big and blocks the shot.

83:00 – Afellay makes an immediate impact as he scampers onto a long ball, beats Djourou for pace but his side footed shot goes wide. Another speedy Dutch winger in the making.

82:00 – Villa comes of for Afellay.

78:00 – Arsenal reach for the bottom of the barrel and send on Bendtner. Meanwhile Messi has a shot, but it is well saved by Almunia who has been Arsenal’s best player.

76:00 – That said, Arsenal’s passing has been pretty shocking tonight, as they for the upteenth time pass the ball straight to a Barcelona player.

74:00 – Arshavin comes on for Rosicky who hasn’t down much. Barcelona are rampant and playing beautiful football, but the referee’s antics has made a huge impact on this game. RVP’s sending off had a huge impact as they no longer really became dangerous.

71:00 – Goal by Messi. Almunia is rooted as Messi sends it into the bottom corner. Barcelona 3 – Arsenal 1 – Referee 5

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Manchester Derby: Live Commentary

Nani scores the first goal, though no acrobatic celebration.

United right the ship after last weeks blip against Wolves. City had their chances, but United defended well. Lets see if the rest of the chasing pack have an answer to United’s derby win.

TWEEET TWEET TWEET – The game ends with no real drama. United were clinical in putting the game away.

91:00 – 4 minutes of added time. On the bench, Lord Ferg is fuming.

88:00 – Giggs and hair have a weird relationship.

84:00 – SWP has no imagination in any of his passes. He telegraphs everything. At one point he had so much potential, but in the end became one-dimensional, though something about his games keeps getting him picked by every manager he’s played for.

81:00 – 10 minutes left. Should be riveting! City still passing very well, but their end product is nothing to write home about as Dzeko blazes one over the bar.

78:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. What an amazing goal from Rooney. That came out of no where.  Nani sends in a poor cross that is behind Rooney, but he launches himself up and bicycle kicks the ball straight into the back of the net. Goal of the season. WOW. Untied 2 – City 1.

77:00 – Little Mikey Owen pretends to care about the game as he half-heartedly stretches. Harry Potter is sitting behind him

74:00 – United are giving City much to much space in the center of the pitch. They finally cut in between a SWP and Dzeko one too to clear. Game is completely open as Nani waltzes across the halfway line all the way to the box and has a shot that goes well over. He was barely challenged.

71:00 – Even at 105 years old, Giggs is a master down the wing. Unstoppable as he sends a delicious cross, but its well cut out by the City defenders and Silva brings it forward.

69:00 – Game has opened up again as both teams look to be the next to score. City’s attacks seem to be more convincing as even SWP gets into it with a nice little run.

67:00 – Lord Ferg counters by sending in the Berba for Anderson.

65:00 – GOOOOOALLL. Dzeko. The Bosniian has been on for less then 5 minutes and one times a cross off Silva’s back and completely wrong foots Van de Sar. A little lucky and Silva should be credited with that goal, but a goal is a goal and it’s all level here at the Theater of Dreams. United 1 – City 1

63:00 – Tevez and Silva certainly have developed a good understanding and ping it around the United box. Tevez brings it down and sends a teasing cross that agonizingly bounces around the penalty spot, but not a light blue shirt in sight.

60:00 – Good move from Mancini as Milner comes of for Dzeko. Should have started the game or second half like this. Lets see what the former Wolfsburg striker can do in 30 minutes.

59:00 – Dzeko’s trackie bottoms are off. Entrance is imminent.

56:00 – Silva turns three defenders with one jinx, but his well struck shot is straight into the inviting arms of Van de Sar.

55:00 – Scholes with an acrobatic and bizzare back-pass that befuddles Van de Sar and goes for a corner. From it City win another.

52:00 – City start of brightly, but like the first half, have nothing to show for it. Oddly their first move is to take Kolarov (who has been largely absent) and replace him with SWP!!!! Dzeko anyone?

TWEEEET – and City start the second half.

PEEEP PEEP. Halftime. Well it was all City in the first half, but United counter well and take a 1-0 lead into the dressing room.

46:00 – City respond well, but United have grown in confidence as a nicely worked move ends with a Giggs shot over the bar.

41:00 – GOOOOOOOOAAALL. What a well worked counter attacking goal by United, as Nani scores his 10th to give United a 1-0 lead. Giggs supplies the pass that Nani expertly controls, takes one touch and easily slots past Joe Hart. City were dominating the game, but United are up a goal. United 1 – City 0

38:00 – Shot of Gary Neville on the bench. Thought he retired?

34:00 – Giggs left alone out wide and sends in a peach of a cross that Fletcher charges in and heads directly at Hart. Nice bit of football from the red half of Manchester, but the Scot should have done better.

31:00 – City still pressing. Most of their attacks are coming from Zabaleta and Richards and typically end with Silva and Tevez. United’s rear guard standing firm but for how long?

24:00 – As one might expect, the game has slowed down a bit, but at the same time opened up as well. Both teams are getting time on the ball.

16:00 – City have looked the more dangerous team as they are making the better runs coupled with the crisp penetrative passing. Van de Sar hasn’t been challenged though.

14:00 – Micah Richards just manhandles Giggs as the Welshman goes of on one of his trademark mazy runs. Everything was within the rules, but that is no way to treat the elderly.

12:00 – Another random surprise here, but Micah Richards is playing very well and and very effective as a wing back. will get back to you re his defensive duties.

11:00 – Nani gets a little space and sends in a pile driver of a shot that whistles inches over the bar. He then complains to the ref about something.

8:00 – Lots of shoving and blocking and end to end stuff, but nothing that has troubled either keeper.

4:00 – Silva and Tevez have a lovely one two that leaves the Spaniard one on one with the Van de Sar, but at a very tight angle. His shot trickles inches wide.

2:00 – This one is started with all the pace and verve of a runaway locomotive. Milner brings it out of his own penalty area all the way past halfway, but is well tackled by Scholes. Not sure what was more impressive or surprising.

David Silva has been quietly having a very productive season and has brought out the best in Tevez

TWEEET TWEEET – and United kick off and in seconds win a corner


Sadly no Balotelli as a match up between the fiery Italian with tons of talent and Rooney would have been fun to see. Dzeko on the bench? Not sure why, but i guess Mancini knows what he’s doing.


Here are the line ups

Manchester City: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta, Milner, Barry, Toure Yaya, Kolarov, Silva, Tevez.
Subs: Given, Wright-Phillips, Dzeko, Boateng, Vieira, Jo, Toure.

Manchester United: Van der Sar, O’Shea, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Scholes, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, Giggs.
Subs: Lindegaard, Brown, Owen, Berbatov, Hernandez, Carrick, Rafael Da Silva.


Morning everyone. It’s stupid o’clock here on the west coast, and TSG studios is up and stupid.

Man City versus Everton

Baines, running the show from the left.

TWEEEEET TWEEEET TWEET. Everton defend superbly, spearheaded by Tim Howard, who has his best game of the season, as the Toffees leave Manchester with a valuable 3 points. Will this jump start their season? Will City recover to continue to challenge for the title?

94:00 – Two yellows in about a minute for Kolo Toure, and he gets first shower for City.

92:00 – Howard with another good save as Tevez unleashes one. Corner kick comes to nothing though.

88:00 – Yaya Toure cracks a shot, that Howard gets his finger nails on that goes just wide. Howard duly screams at his defenders.

77:00 – WOW. Great keeping from Howard as Toure sends a great ball to Balotelli who does everything right by dinking it over the Everton keeper (who takes out Balotelli). Ball hits the post and comes back into play as both Howard and the Italian go for it. Ball comes to Tevez, but his shot is blocked by Howard. A lesser ref, might have given a penalty but this one let everyone play. Good for everyone.

74:00 – City and Tevez looking for the equalizer as they immediately attack. This should be a great 15 minutes of football.

73:00 – GOOOOAAAAL. An own goal from Jagielka of a Yaya Toure shot. Too much pinball finally goes City’s way. City 1 – Everton 2

72:00 – AHHHHH. MY EYES MY EYES. Camera pans onto the crowd and one mad man is standing there with a shirt off. its MINUS 6. He looks like a ghost.

70:00 – Barry latches on to a blocked shot by Silva and his volley is just over. Everton living on borrowed time here. Can they hold on for 20 minutes.

68:00 – City work it well, but Adam Johnson’s pass is how we say…”piss poor” and Everton easily clear. Zabaleta who is bandaged up is playing very well. A replay is shown the City should have had a penalty from a Neville handball.

66:00 – OHHHHH the useless possession stat, which shows that City have two thirds of the possession. Sadly for sky blues, they have zero to show for it.

64:00 – Game is disintegrating into poor football. Fouls, bad passes and wasted shots oh my.

60:00 – Anichebe who was about to be subbed, gets sent off for a second bookable offense. That was rough for the young Nigerian forward as the first one was harsh. Everton down to 10 men.

51:00 – “The Disease” (TSG’s new nickname for Kolarov) is teed up by Tevez and his howitzer fizzes inches wide. I like the Serbian player. He’s exciting.

47:00 – Howard makes a great save from a Kolarov thunderbolt. City starting off with a little more verve then the previous 45.

46:00 – TWEET TWEET. Everton start of the second half.

45:00 – Half is about to come to a close. First 2o minutes were all Everton and then City picked it up but Everton’s parking of the bus did the job. PEEEP. Halftime.

42:00 – Say what you will about Tevez, but he does work his tail off in every game he plays. He doesn’t dive and when you look up “tenacious” in the dictionary, you see a picture of the Argentine. I really don’t think it’s about the money. He just made a VERY VERY poor decision as far as agents go.

36:00 – City get a free kick in Kolarov territory. No that is not a plague infested area, but the sort of distance away from goal, that the City defender can whack them past a keeper. The kick is well taken and Howard gets an out-stretched hand and pushes it away for a corner.

34:00 – Felliani gets the first card of the game. Actually his hair gets the card for a rough, but fair tackle on Tevez. Should not have been a card.

32:00 – Human pin ball in the Everton box, as City players line up to take shots which keep being blocked by various parts of the Everton players body. Might have been an inadvertent hand ball in there, but ref correctly waves play on. City are dominating the game.

28:00 – Balotelli might be a handful to deal with, but my is he a skillful player, as he first time volleys a corner that goes just over the bar. Good skill. Everton need to keep on their toes.

27:00 – City string some nice passes around the Everton defense who have 10 players back and eventually win a corner. Howard goes ape as well he should as that was City like defending from the Toffees.

22:00 – City don’t seem to care that they are 2-0 down and that first place is on the line. The only player who is showing any heart is Tevez, who per usual is running around like a man possessed.

19:00 – CONTENT MY ASS. GOOOOAAAAL EVERTON. What a well worked goal. Anichebe centers the ball to Cahill who lays it off to Baines who places it beautifully past a hapless Joe Hart. City are moving at a slightly slower pace than mollases moving up hill. Everton 2- City 0

18:00 – Game has calmed down (not that it ever took off), but City seemed to have woken up ever so slightly and Everton are content with their 1-0 lead.

11:00 – City attack and Yaya Toure chips a lovely ball over the Everton defense to David Silva, but his well struck shot is wide and takes out a beautiful looking camera. As a photographer, my heart breaks.

9:00 – Everton dominating the wings as Coleman and Baines are having their way with the City full backs. Meanwhile the rest of the City players need some coffee or Red Bull.

4:00 – GOOOOALLLL – EVERTON. Cahill easily heads it in after awful awful defending by City. Coleman cross’s it in and Cahill easily heads it in. It was the simplest of goals. Pathetic from City. Everton 1 – City 0

1:00 – It is cold enough to reconfigure the anatomy on a brass monkey out there and yet shorts and short sleeves for most of the players. The fancy ones though are wearing a snood (see Spurs players sporting the latest trend)!

TWEEET and City kick it off. Sky blue versus dark blue.

Tevez making up with officials. Best way to do it with the fans is to score some goals.


Manchester City: Hart; Zabaleta, Kolo Touré, Kompany, Kolarov; Milner, Barry; Silva, Yaya Touré, Balotelli; Tevez.
Subs: Given, Richards, Wright-Phillips, Adam Johnson, Boateng, Vieira, Jo.

Everton: Howard; Neville, Jagielka, Distin, Baines; Coleman, Rodwell, Fellaini, Osman; Cahill; Anichebe.
Subs: Mucha, Hibbert, Bilyaletdinov, Saha, Beckford, Gueye, Yakubu.


Line ups coming out soon


Most of this weekend’s games in the EPL were postponed, but not this match up of the red headed step children of Manchester and Liverpool. Often in the shadows of their more illustrious neighbors, this is a big game for both teams. A win for the “richest” club in the world, puts them on top of the league. A win for the blue half of Merseyside puts them in mid table and could jump start a so far poor season.

Not to be outdone by their red counterparts, City, too have a petulant forward. After much hemming and hawing about wanting to go home, Tevez has now withdrawn his transfer request and has committed to the club. No discussions of money yet, so lets give the bulldogish Argentine the benefit of the doubt and assume it was all about respect and relationships with club officials.

Real Madrid versus Barcelona

The dynamic duo are running rampant per usual

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Off to have lunch! and some wine! OH and Barcelona are top of La Liga

As soccer fans we were treated to a show. USMNT fans. NOTICE what speed and skill can do versus a little and large like strike force!

The game had everything. Passion, amazing skill, goals, cards and strategy. What was surprising was that none of those were exhibited by Real Madrid, aside from the cards!

TWEEEEET TWEEEET TWEET as the ref smartly ends this massacre. Barcelona celebrates and Real are in shock. A complete embarrassment. What will tomorrow bring? Heads will roll?

93:00 – ARGY BARGY as Sergio Ramos crushes Messi and gets a straight red. Then there is a  lot of pushing as Puyol goes crashing down. This is more than handbags.

91:00 – GOOOOOOOOAAALLLJeffren taps it in after a lovely bit of work from Bojan who runs down the wing and sends in a great cross. Barcelona 5 – Real Madrid 0

89:00 – Di Maria gets a glimmer of space but holds the ball back for Ronaldo who accidentally kicks  the ball out of bounds, much to the delight of the Blaugrana faithful.

87:00 – Xavi leaves to a thunderous applause as Keita comes on to replace him. Do any of these Barca players, aside from David Villa go by both their names?

82:00 – Benzema looks like he is going to cry.

80:00 – What a montage. They showed the happy faces of the Barca players and then the anguished faces of the Real players. Real get a corner. This has been their only real attacking move of the second half.

77:00 – Bojan immediately gets sent through, but his legs fail him and he tumbles. Moments later he sends in a rocket of a shot that Casillas does well to parry.

76:00 – Bojan on for David Villa. Welcome to the Clasico David Villa. A job well done!

75:00 – Handbags are being thrown by each side, as Real are understandably frustrated. Still 15 minutes left!

72:00 – Benzema tries a backheel to comical effect. At least he wins a throw in and Real have consecutive touches with the ball.

70:00 – Barcelona have used their back heel more times in the past 5 minutes than Real have touched the ball. This is so much fun to watch!

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Champions League – Inter Milan versus Spurs

The signing of the season. Whats not to like? Incredible football player and a lovely lovely wife! Yes i'm jealous.

93:00 – Bebe scores as Man United are up 3-0. Copenhagen are holding Barcelona to a 1-1 draw late in Denmark. and PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. Game is over as Spurs are deserved 3-1 winners. Are there a better two players in England right now then Bale and Van de Vaart?

90:00 – Milito answers right back with a shot that swerves just wide.

89:00 – GOOOOOAAAAAAL PAV! but all Bale. Kaboul tackles the ball and Bale runs end to end, out paces everyone and sends in an easy cross to Russian who slots it home. Spurs 3 – Inter 1

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Champions League – Rangers versus Man United

Edu with an above average grade defensively, but needs to lead the counter more effectively

Edu played well defensively and though composed with the ball, I just feel he could have done more with it, and off it, with some more penetrating runs. All told, Rangers and Edu played well enough to earn a point.

TWEET TWEET TWEET. Game over. A well deserved point for Rangers. SAF’s face is at threat level red.

95:00 – Edu and Giggs collide on the edge of the box as Edu inadvertently handles the ball and Giggs’s balls twice. Ref correctly waves play on.

94:00 – All United as Rangers hang on desperately.

93:00 – By an hour I mean 6 minutes…which means 10 if the referee wants to leave Old Trafford with his testicles.

91:00 – About an hour of extra time has been added. Can Rangers hold on?

90:00 – Rangers counter dangerously, but United stand firm.

85:00 – Edu getting in the mix of things a bit more and has either woken up or been given the go-ahead to be more adventurous. Either way it makes Rangers more dangerous.

82:00 – Gibson with a swerving pile driver of a shot that goes just over. Edu game him some space and Gibson was inches from making the Scots pay.

81:00 – Miller off and Lafferty on for Rangers.

80:00 – Giggs with a delicious over the top ball to Fletcher, but it’s cleared out at the last second. Classy stuff from the Welshman.

79:00 – Rangers keeping United on their toes, but the game is entering the time period when defensive teams tend to make mistakes.

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FINAL – The Netherlands versus Spain

Van Bommel apparently is a sweetheart off the field...douche on it!

Executive call…not going to blog unless it’s really crazy…Enjoy the game.

TWEEEEEEEEEET and the Dutch kick it off


PUYOL IN HD…he’s up there with Tevez and Ribery.


There is an Italian still in world cup as Cannavaro brings it out and kisses it one last time.


The trophy is in a Louis Vuiton case!


Will Paul go through the world cup undefeated?


11:00– Blood Mary number 1 in the books.

10:48 – Our first Guinness spill of the World Cup.

Line ups

Spain: 1-Iker Casillas; 15-Sergio Ramos, 3-Gerard Pique, 5-Carles Puyol, 11-Joan Capdevila; 14-Xabi Alonso, 8-Xavi, 6-Andres Iniesta, 16-Sergio Busquets; 18-Pedro, 7-David Villa.

Holland: 1-Maarten Stekelenburg; 2-Gregory van der Wiel, 3-John Heitinga, 4-Joris Mathijsen, 5-Giovanni van Bronckhorst; 7-Dirk Kuyt, 6-Mark van Bommel, 10-Wesley Sneijder, 8-Nigel de Jong, 11-Arjen Robben; 9-Robin van Persie.


Nelson Mandela will make an appearance before the game (but watching it from home). It will probably be one of his last public appearances. I have no idea what to say about this amazing man.


Back soon with the lineups


Interestingly it turns out that everyone’s favorite Sneijder is a bit of a dick where as Van Bommel calls his wife and children before every game and tells them he loves them and thst he is trying to win the game for them….AWWWWW.


We’re at the Phoenix for this one but we would like to thank both Danny Coyles and Phoenix for hooking us up and providing excellent venues to watch these wonderful games. If you are out of town and ever come to beautiful SF, be sure to check out these two bars!


This is it. Game number 64, the final one, the big one. Spain versus Holland.


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