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Quarterfinal – Argentina versus Germany

Muller already scored the first goal in three minutes

PEEEEEEP PEEEEP PEEP. Game over. The streets of Buenos Aires are safe from short naked men and Germany were rampant. Can they be beat?

89:00 – GOOOOOOAAAALLL - Klose scores his second. Germany pick them apart for the upteenth time. Cross comes in and Klose takes his time and taps it in. He becomes the second most prolific goal scorer in world cup history, right behind the fat one. Germany 4 – Argentina 0

87:00 - Messi has a shot on goal but it is at Neuer. Not going his way as we all thought might happen.

85:00 - Low looks like he should be in art gallery reviewing the latest work from some post bauhaus hipster.

83:00 – Argentina keep trying but the uphill climb is too steep.

77:00 – Merkel is overjoyed. Love it. Heads of state rooting on their players!

74:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAALLL. Friedrich bundles the ball over as Schweinstieger does all the work ad he dribbles through people and around the Pillars of cement that are masking as Argentine defenders and then lays it off to the defender for his first ever international goal. Germany 3 – Argentina 0

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Quarterfinals – Brazil versus Holland

Not only is he wearing his shirt on backwards but he looks like one of those "girls" men buy. Thanks Kickette!

PEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. Well that’s quite an upset. How many pools are ruined? Brazil’s cockiness were their undoing as the Dutch put in a workmanlike effort mixed in with some great skill and are deserved semi-finalists. Sneijder will challenge Messi as the best player in the world. Maicon who?

3 minutes of extra time

89:00 - Dani Alves calls upon all of creation to supplement him with power but his free kick hits the wall.

88:00 – Kuyt showing that he does possess fine ball skills as he waltzes through the Brazilian defense. A slight hesitation is his undoing as he is finally tackled at the edge of the box.

85:00 – RVP off Huntelaar on

84:00 - A lovely bit of passing and skill from RVP and Sneijder almost makes it 3-1 but Julio Cesar does well to save.

82:00 - Corners from Brazil are giving them opportunities. Some go agonizingly wide.

80:00 - Jubalani 3 – RVP 0

77:00 – Nilmar on, Fabiano off. This is shaping up to be an exciting 13 minutes… SECOND BLOODY MARY DOWN AND DUSTED

76:00 - AWESOME. Ref accidentally pulled out the wrong card but caught himself and apologized. Yellow card to a dutch defender. Should have eaten proper food today.

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Round of 16 – Spain versus Portugal

Can the divine soul patch add to his goal tally

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP. Game over. Spain versus paraguay in the last quarter

89:00 - Red card for Costa for an apparent elbow. That was unbelievable acting by Capdevilla. If that isn’t a call for post match cards for diving then I don’t know what is.

87:00 - Llorente beats the offside trap and heads just wide.

85:00 – Spain maintaining insane amounts of ball possession. Ronaldo has been marked out of this game and has been largely ineffective.

77:00 – Villa now has the self belief that he is god and tries an audacious shot from pretty far out. He comes close but Eduardo easily punches clear.

70:00 – Sergio Ramos is released by Xavi and hammers a shot goal bound but Eduardo does well to save. He’s defender everyone!

63:00 – GOOOOAAAALLLL. Villa on his second effort, sends it in the back of the net. A lovely backheel from Xavi releases Villa whose first shot is saved but he gets the rebound and buries it. Spain 1 – Portugal 0

61:00 - Villa then tries his luck from distance but his curling shot is inches wide.

61:00 - Llorente makes an immediate impact by diving for a cross with his head. It’s well saved by Eduardo.

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Round of 16 – Chile versus Brazil

Suazo...can he silence Brazil?

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Brazil are comfortable 3-0 winners. Chile’s dream is over (as are all my dark horses). Next up for the Selecao…the freaky deaky Dutch

92:00 - Bastos goes on a lovely mazy run but his shot is poor. Brazil are now in 4th gear as they’re on their way to meet the Dutch!

88:00 - Credit to Chile who are still trying 3 goals down!

76:00 - Robinho goes close to adding a second but Bravo dives low and saves well.

66:00 – Chile keep pressing. If any team can score three in 25 minutes its this team. Problem is they are leaving themselves susceptible to the counter.

60:00 – GOOOOOOOAAAAAL. Robinho. And pounce they do. All Ramires has he gets the ball at the half way line and runs at the Chilean defense. He goes through two or three and lays off to Robinho who curls it in. Lovely bit of finishing. Brazil 3 – Chile 0

57:00 - Nothing too much going on. Brazil closing down the gates and waiting to pounce.

Second half under way

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEP PEEP. Halftime. Chile held out for 30 minutes but Brazil changed gears and were rampant for the rest of the half. Can Chile regroup?

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Round of 16 – Argentina versus Mexico

Higuain - Can he increase his goal tally? or were his goals just a fluke?

PEEEEEP PEEEP PEEP – Argentina look very good (minus the horrendous theatrics) and book a place in the quarters against Germany.

92:00 - Messi is just a pleasure to watch as the ball is glued to his feet. He moves across the box and sends a great shot that Perez does well to save.

89:00 – Time running out for Mexico.

80:00 – Mexico are looking dangerous as Heinze makes a great defensive header to steer it away from goal. Mexico will feel hard done by the poor refereeing in the first half.

73:00 – Sorry had to take people to the airport but have heard there have been great goals.

45:00 – After the controversial goal, Mexico’s verve has been greatly reduced and they lack the bite from earlier on in the game.

43:00 - Higuain gets a chance to make it 3-0 but his header goes wide. That was beautifully sent in from out wide. It just occurred to me that Higuain is this generations Pippo Inzaghi. Higuain doesn’t dive or play act but his strength is getting in at the right positions for easy taps ins and goals and making very intelligent runs…but his skills are not as good as his peers around him.

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Round of 16 – England versus Germany

Has never scored a World Cup goal. Will today be his first?

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Well England are sent home in emphatic style by Germany. England were never in this world cup. Best they go home.

2 minutes of added time

89:00 - Lampard tries a shot from far out that Neuer saves. Going through the motions here as England just want to get on the plane. They played well for about 20 minutes but their patchwork aged defense was finally called out against some beautiful, quality, slick, attacking from Germany.

87:00 – SWP on for Johnson. Well that shows the lack of depth in this England squad. I’m pretty sure after Joe Cole, that Crouch should have been introduced.

81:00 – Gerrard has a nice run and shot but it is very well saved by Neuer and goes out for a corner.

71:00 -Heskey on Dafoe. Not very inspiring that. England’s defense, good in the group games is obviously not up to defending against quality opponents.

70:00 – GOOOOAAAL - Terrible defending by England as their slow defense gets ripped part and Moller sends his second into the back of the net. Germany 4 – England 1

67:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. Muller with a classic counter goal as off a terrible Lampard free kick that hits the wall and its a 3 on 2 that Muller slams home. Germany 3 – England 1

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