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Kickstarting Our USA vs. Slovenia Coverage

This is photo is indicative of how the team plays....very "Yanks or team-like"

(This is Part I of IV of our Slovenia preview coverage)

Bob Bradley, “My overall assessment is that the pure speed and physicality of last night’s game (England)….that is probably on the very high end and the Slovenia game in some ways may be more of chess match.”

Take a deeper look at the tactics, teamwork and precision of the Slovenia team and Bob Bradley’s comments are unerring.

Here’s a few storylines to get us started as we march down to the Slovenia match:

• From Slovakia With Love

You’ll hear something very similar to the following from broadcasters over the next few days, “Slovenia shouldn’t be underestimated. They beat Guus Hiddink’s Russia in a playoff to get here.”

While the Russia win was quality, it did come against a Russian side that was down a man for nearly 40 minutes and down two men for stoppage time.

A better measuring stick that broadcasters should be keying on is the Green Dragons match that transpired the night the States clinched a World Cup trip in Honduras. Slovenia away at Slovakia.

Koren should Sunday he's still got it....

Slovenia calmly went into Slovakia’s den–that’s right the same Slovakia who beat the U.S. 1-nil in November–and walked away with an impressive 2-0 win over a full-strength Slovakian team. The Slovenia attack, led by Robert Koren and Milivoje Novakovic, outplayed the classy triumvirate of Martin Sestak, Marek Hamsik and Vladamir “Jonathan Bornstein is in my pocket” Weiss.”

If you’ve been watching a lot of World Cup, then those last three names are quite household.

In that game, Slovenia scored on a hell of a boombasa (see here) for their first goal and–roll tape below–took a page from the Yankee playbook with a gorgeous counterattack goal. Make sure to press play and watch because TSG will be talking more about the counterattack shortly.

• Milivoje Novakovic is legit

Novakovic, who does his club work at Cologne, is a true goal scorer. He’s a striker in the mold of John Carew, able to score if given space to strike and he’s a clear threat in the air.

Novakovic has netted 16 times in 38 games for his national side. At 31, Novakovic seems to be now coming into his own. He’s goes into the Cup with five  tallies in qualifying to lead the team.

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