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Clashing: Lando v. Ashley Take One, Big Jeezy, +

Who's gonna get Round 1 bragging rights?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This is what we wanted when Lando’s loan was announced.

Fresh of a Super Jozy weekend, comes a midweek doozy, Stateside at least, to get you through the week.

Goodison Park welcomes Chelsea, John Terry, and bad boy Ashley Cole to their pitch on Wednesday.

Bad news that Everton service man supreme Marouane Fellaini is likely out with that ankle knock from that gnarly derby Saturday morning. Further bad news for the Toffees that Pint-Sized Pienaar won’t play either.

That being said look for Everton to try and attack a little more frequently up the right flank in Pienaar’s absence, into Landon’s galloping grounds and squarely into Ashley Cole’s kitchen.

Beyond his personal life, Cole is class and he’ll be making his own runs up the left flank in abundance to threaten Big T and stymie that attack for the Blue Nosers.

Can LD10 (#9 on Everton) shake free for a counterattack? Can Landon beat Cole mano-a-mano on Chelsea’s left side? Once beaten, how does Donovan contend with John Terry?

If I had control of a camera, I would just focus it on that side of the pitch all day long.

Unfortunately, you’re going to need Setanta for this by the way.


Big Jeezy Goes Kiwi

In the other “American in EPL” game, Jozy Altidore and the Tiger ambush head to Blackburn.

Jozy will be rumbling all over the back line there, taking on journeyman Gael Givet at left back….poor Givet and then coming up against New Zealand strong man Ryan Nelson. That will be a good battle and test for Altidore as Nelson may not be the most agile central defender, but he definitely plays stout.

Looking for a good follow-up here from Big Jeezy who has struggled in back-to-back games this season. Admittedly the confidence must have risen for the Haitian youngster as certainly the fitness has.

For a better appreciation Altidore’s progression check out this video…

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