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The Set-Up Couldn’t Be Sweeter for Jozy

Altidore: "I like what I see"

Altidore: "I like what I see"

Okay, we can finally put the Jozy quarantine stories to bed for good. Clean bill of health.

Things are only looking up for America’s version of Didier Drogba and I should say he should take advantage of them right now because there is nothing standing in his way.

Or shall we say little standing in his way. While Jozy has been AWOL from the Hull side, skipper Phil Brown has been desperately trying to secure another striker–not necessarily due to his absence, but due to the lack of quality depth on the Hull side.

You could say Caleb Folan is their lead striker right now, but Folan is closer to the camp of an Emile Heskey or Brian Ching-type rather than a ball lasher. 25-year-old Kamil Ghilas was just brought in from Celtic Vigo, but controversy and one-year stints seem to follow him wherever he goes.

Beyond Folan and Ghilas, Brown’s options are extremely limited. Brown went with Folan as the lone

Altidore's striker competition? You're looking at it

Altidore's striker competition? You're looking at it

striker in the opening Chelsea loss and as my brother commented last Sunday, Hull looked like they were playing a rope-a-dope for the entire game….only one problem: they never countered. Chelsea stood them up against the ropes and thrashed them until finally the levy gave way to the tune of 2-1.

Against Tottenham on Tuesday, it was much more of the same and then some. Brown, seeking more offense, deployed 32-year-old journeyman Daniel Cousin alongside Folan. Cousin was unceremoniously subbed for midfielder Geovanni at the 22-minute mark after a fairly unconvincing display. Beyond Cousin and Folan, you have Craig Fagan–he, of course, of the nasty broken leg last year and now in recovery from a hernia operation already this year.

Helmsman Phil recognized the striker deficiency even before JZA was held up. Before the season was even in effect, Brown tried to get the oft-injured Michael Owen to Hull (Man U pulled the trigger) and Frazier Campbell, who opted for Sunderland instead.

Recently, as in up to earlier this week, the Hull manager desperately tried to land Real Madrid youngster Alvaro Negreda, who opted to remain in the less physically intense Spanish Primera. And now there is news this morning that Hull is after David Nugent. If you think you’ve heard Nugent’s name lately, just Google “Marc Wilson,” the two of them had a little display of fisticuffs at 4am in a Portugal hotel just two weeks ago while

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