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TSG Weekend Questions: Globetrotting

Unfortunately, due to some commitments, I had little time to watch and play as much soccer as I usually do on the weekend.

US against Mex: 1 SOG, Cooper for 1860 Munich? 7

US against Mex: 1 SOG, Cooper for Munich? 7

A big thank you for our guest commentator Shaun and to the commentary that our fans have added here on the site, Rayment, Kevin, Matthew, etc.

As Mark mentioned, we’ll be getting a Commentary Hall of Face going so don’t be shy and who knows you may win something.

Here’s a just a few tidbits of plots that I found intriguing this weekend with a smaller dose of the sport than usual:

Soccer at Home

- C’mon ESPN…are you kidding me? No win for the U.S. Wednesday and the coverage of US roundball and global soccer in general takes a nose-dive on 1st page promotion on — one more time, are you kidding me? at about 20M “unique users” (internet speak for “viewers”) is the largest sports site in the United States and looked at as the authority in sports reporting in America. Yet with EPL season starting (remember: ESPN is hosting a series of games), a compelling post-Mexico US story, the college season starting (TSG will be attending games for 30th ranked USF this year) and MLS back in full swing, not a single soccer story could muster itself to the first page.

Meanwhile your TV brethren had a feature on the Premiership at Drogba’s goal included in Plays of the Week.

Shame on you It’s your ratings, not ours.

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