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Round of 16 – England versus Germany

Has never scored a World Cup goal. Will today be his first?

PEEEEEEEP PEEEEEP PEEP. Well England are sent home in emphatic style by Germany. England were never in this world cup. Best they go home.

2 minutes of added time

89:00 – Lampard tries a shot from far out that Neuer saves. Going through the motions here as England just want to get on the plane. They played well for about 20 minutes but their patchwork aged defense was finally called out against some beautiful, quality, slick, attacking from Germany.

87:00 – SWP on for Johnson. Well that shows the lack of depth in this England squad. I’m pretty sure after Joe Cole, that Crouch should have been introduced.

81:00 – Gerrard has a nice run and shot but it is very well saved by Neuer and goes out for a corner.

71:00 -Heskey on Dafoe. Not very inspiring that. England’s defense, good in the group games is obviously not up to defending against quality opponents.

70:00 – GOOOOAAAL – Terrible defending by England as their slow defense gets ripped part and Moller sends his second into the back of the net. Germany 4 – England 1

67:00 – GOOOOOAAAL. Muller with a classic counter goal as off a terrible Lampard free kick that hits the wall and its a 3 on 2 that Muller slams home. Germany 3 – England 1

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Video Hype: The “Don’t Tread Challenge”

Update (2/15): TSG is tweaking the rules a bit. We will post rolling entries for the next month or so. Then whittle down to 3 finalists for the readers to vote one.

4 MONTHS!…that’s right folks, we are four months out from the Rumble in Rustenberg when the USMNT will hopefully annihilate England on the way to America’s first World Cup.

(Hey, February is still reserved for dreaming…we’ll have enough reality come June. And George Cross…let me have this one.)

To mark this milestone on the Yanks march to through South Africa, TSG is cranking up the USMNT hype machine.

Today, TSG announces the first annual Don’t Tread Challenge for the most insanely awesome video that gets fans and foreigners fired up about USMNT. Something like this video.

Our goal is to feature the first video one month from today, March 12th. TSG’s video committee will select the finalists and then fans will vote for the winner. The prize is to-be-determined, but is guaranteed to be more substantial in meaning than monetary value.

So, TSG faithful, please spread the word.

Some details for those producing videos…

  1. Thank you.
  2. Videos will be accepted through March 12th.
  3. All videos must be new and include the name of the competition in the title.
  4. Length is flexible, but somewhere between 2 minutes and 4 minutes sounds about right.
  5. Email link / video or any questions to contact[at]theshinguardian[dot]com.

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