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USA-Honduras On The FIFA Schedule

Though no official announcement from US Soccer, it seems like a January meeting between the USA and Honduras is set in the eyes of FIFA.

Los Catrachos will roll into the Home Depot Center on January 24th for the friendly. No word yet on whether Jonathan Bornstein will have an autograph session with the team before the game.

(Just an FYI, the brothers TSG may be covering this game in-person.)

CentroamericaTV USA-HON Replay

Still not easy viewing, but we got a replay.

Still not easy viewing, but we have a replay.

If they didn’t make it to the few scattered viewing locations across the continent last Saturday, USMNT supporters will finally be able to watch the USA’s World Cup clinching victory over Honduras in their own home…

…in Spanish

…on Sunday (10/18) at 2:00pm Pacific

…if they subscribe to DirectTV and have CentroamericaTV (CATV, channel 428)

Boy, wouldn’t it be great if someone recorded this and then sent a copy over to TSG?

(Much thanks to Greg Seltzer for getting the word out.)

Unconventional Hardware From Honduras

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Matt and I have a box of these leftover from youth programs so we are handing them out today to some very deserving folks.

Matt and I have a box of these leftover from youth programs so we are handing them out today to some very deserving folks.

In his instant recap of Saturday’s match, I believe Matthew spoke for a lot of us when he said “…perhaps it was best that the diehard fans watched and appreciated clustered together in 37 packed bars across the nation.” (By the way, Matthew when do you sleep?)

The use of the word “clustered” is the only quibble I would have with Matthew’s statement. “Clustered” implies “huddled” or “grouped.”  I am thinking that “crammed,” “wedged,” or “jam-packed-to-the-point-of-near-asphyxiation” may have been more appropriate. The thing is, I don’t think we’d have it any other way. As one of our readers mentioned, moving through a bar on Saturday was like playing “human tetris.” But with every duck, squeeze and sucking in of our guts to let others pass we all grew a little bit closer to the rabid fan base we will become in support of the USMNT.

Matthew had our customary recap with the awards and grades, but a game like this deserves more hardware, so I am here in my tuxedo t-shirt to hand out just a few (perhaps unconventional) awards from Saturday and along the way share some great stories.

The envelope please…

The “Golden Remote” Award…goes to the thirty-seven establishments and their owners that ponied up the cash and most likely MacGyver’d the feed to bring all of us the memorable match. (Please note, any feed / audio problems were not their fault.) I sincerely hope the proprietors had a chance to enjoy the game as I know they were working hard to keep the suds flowing and the feed rolling.

The “Are You Gellin’” Award…goes to the all the USMNT fans, many of whom stood for six hours or longer to catch a glimpse of the match. In our tiny pocket of the world in Kearny Mesa, San Diego you would have thought we were about to witness the moon landing. There were kids on shoulders, people peering in through windows and strangers crushed together with just enough room to free their arms and give each other high-fives after each goal.

I think they are as happy as the fans!

I think they are as happy as the fans!

The “I Should Buy You Something Pretty” Award…goes to my wife. We arrived at the bar at 4:30pm to find it already packed. She waited to get beer while I tried to stake out a small corner of the outside patio where we would stand for the duration. All of sudden my phone rings and she says, “I have seats inside.” She didn’t just “have seats,” she managed to acquire the best seats in the house and I promptly told her she didn’t need to buy me anything for my birthday…or Christmas. (Note to my wife: That is what we call in the “writing biz” hyperbole…feel free to wrap up that all-expenses-paid trip to the World Cup and place it under the tree in December!)

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71st Minute Mayhem

For those who didn’t make it inside a venue to watch the match, here is a taste of what it was like. Though this is in NYC, it probably could have been any one of the thrity-seven locations across the continent. For certain, it was similar to O’Brien’s in San Diego except that our chant after Lando’s boot was “World Cup.”

(Can you tell I’m still jacked-up from the game that ended 24 hours ago?)


We’ll be back in the morning with the recap, stories and analysis, but tonight it is all about celebrating.

The USMNT is on it’s way to South Africa and the 2010 World Cup Finals.

It was an amazing atmosphere at O’Brien’s in San Diego complete with people standing in the parking lot and Charlie Davies dad.

The match itself was a tale of two halves with a 0-0 first half followed by a 5-goal second. Thankfully, the US tallied 3 of the 5 second half goals.

Conor Casey, the surprise starter manned up and  netted two. Lando curled in the eventual game winner on a free kick…not to mention his perfect assist on Casey’s second.

The victory chalice is raised at O'Brien's

The victory chalice is raised at O'Brien's

Starting XI

Big surprise…

Casey / Davies up top

Holden / Donovan / Clark / Bradley in the middle

Boca / Onyewu / Spector / Bornstein in defense

Howard between the pipes

Orange Wedges: Finishing Strong

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Orange Wedges is a running post that will be updated until the start of the match.


  • Via Twitter:  JozyAltidore17 Ahh the time has come and the boys look ready as am I. Wish us luck as we try and qualify for our 6th straight World Cup! Show some love. I don’t know about you, but I am pumped. Looking forward to watching the game with a packed house of USMNT fans. Let’s go boys!
  • Headed out to O’Brien’s soon. In case mobile service is spotty the US starting line-up will be out 1 hour before the game
  • 3 Hours to kickoff and according to @ussoccer on Twitter the stadium is full! (oh for that to happen in the US.)
  • Break out the galoshes it’s pouring rain in San Pedro Sula.  The forecast doesn’t dip below a 50% chance of rain until late tonight. Not so great for the Yanks, with the hard tackling and linking play or Thomas and Palacios in the middle, Honduras will be ok with a “sloggy” field. The Americans on the otherhand are going to look to get the ball up the wing quickly as well as counterattack and mushy turf is going to slow that down. (Unless, of course, Charlie Davies mutha was a mudda.)
  • Not sure if we mentioned this yet, but the referee for tonight’s match is Roberto Moreno who also presided over the US-MEX game at Azteca. This is no bueno for the USMNT if he sees the game the same way he did back in August.
  • Nice to see someone finally say it. Brain Ching (via “”But our mentality won’t change from the last few games. We want to attack and score. These are the types of games we must now start winning.” Thank you, Brian. It is borderline embarrassing for to have an elaborate Scenario Generator producing all the ways the USMNT can back into the World Cup when they can get in by going out and playing great soccer that nets them a W and three points.
  • In Matthew’s post the other day he alluded to the yellow card issues that Bob-O may consider when constructing the line-up. Both Matthew and I think that he needs to put the best eleven out there. Period. (The time is now.) Here are the players carrying a Big Bird Feather into the match: (I really don’t like the phrase “yellow card jeopardy”…any suggestions?)Altidore, Bocanegra, Casey, Cherundolo, Clark, Donovan, Feilhaber and Hedjuk…..we are potentially talking six starters here, more likely five.
  • Steven Goff also checked in from Honduras late yesterday with some interesting quotes:Landon Donovan on playing in Central America: “”The unique thing in a lot of [Central American] countries is the passion of everyone in the stadium. Generally, when you play in Europe, you get a section of the stadium that is passionate – maybe 3-4-5-10,000 people. But here it’s going to be 25-30,000 — whatever the stadium holds — incredibly passionate people. You can just feel the difference in the energy.”Boca on the lack of TV coverage: “It’s sad.” He’s got that right!


  • Grant Wahl checking in from San Pedro Sula. He also Twittered that he was the only reporter with the stones to make the six-hour trip up to Tegucigalpa to see what was going on. Not too surprisingly, nothing much was going on in the capital, so he was eating at Chili’s. UPDATE: Unfortunately, sounds like Grant ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and was held-up at gunpoint. Lost his wallet and iPhone, but otherwise he report he okay.
  • American Outlaw Garrett Quinn has made it safely to Honduras. He sent us a note saying he will be “blogging extensively” so follow him on Twitter, his live stream and his blog (political views expressed are solely Garrett’s).
  • Game time is 7pm Pacific…do what you can to be at one of these 36 venues for the English feed. If you are at O’Brien’s in San Diego I’ll be wearing a black DTOM hat with the snake on the front…come say aloha. Matthew will be at Danny Coyles in SF…he’ll probably be rockin’ his lucky man-purse (I kid, Matthew).
  • TSG’s in-depth preview can be found here.

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