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Interview: Jimmy Conrad, The Most Special One?

Go to Jimmy Conrad’s personal home page and it makes a bold proclamation…

Welcome to Your whole life will now change for the better.

It was a short night on Saturday for JC.

Well Jimmy, after stomping on my hopes and dreams Saturday night at the Home Depot Center with your 17th minute sayonara I call bullsh.. false advertising!

After meeting Jimmy in-person earlier this month when TSG was at the US Soccer training camp, I actually believed my life had changed for the better. I started a new job, attended the Jets playoff beatdown of the Chargers in my own backyard and matched all my socks coming out of the dryer.

Things were looking good.

Then came Saturday.

JC gets a red card, the USMNT gets thumped 3-1, the Knicks get walloped by 50 and the Jets fell apart in the second half versus the Colts. In other words, I’m not quite sure what to believe anymore. While the USMNT and greater soccer public is probably harboring a grudge against Conrad, take a read of our time with him and the scales of injustice will begin to balance.

Perhaps the only thing I know for certain following my short time with Mr. Conrad after a US training session earlier this month in Carson is this – what you see is what you get with Jimmy Conrad. He’s comes across just as engaging, funny and intelligent after practice talking 1-on-1 as he does through his multi-pronged media exposure.

Upon meeting Conrad, he took a quick glance down towards my notes which happened to be a page marked “Conor Casey” and immediately informed me that he was not, in fact, Conor Casey, but Jimmy Conrad.

(Thanks for the heads up, Jimmy, but we know you’re not bald. We know you don’t score goals, you give up fouls in the box. Zing!)

And thus we were off on a great Jimmy Conrad experience that touched on MLS, teaching math and playing in Poland among other things. You’re going to want to stay around for the Poland part.

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Peter Vermes Made Permanent


Peter Vermes, still not messing around.

As you know, we delve into MLS every now-and-then on TSG. One such time was when Matthew had the opportunity to interview Peter Vermes after he was named Interim Head Coach for the KC Wizards.

Well, this afternoon, Kansas City removed the Interim part of the title and officially made Vermes the Head Coach. The former USMNT star will also retain his duties as Technical Director for the Wizards.

True to his previous words to TSG, Vermes has exacting expectations.  In comments released by the team, the new head coach said, “There will be a certain mindset and spirit in the locker room moving forward, and I am excited for what lies ahead.”

You can read Matthew’s interview with Vermes here: Peter Vermes Doesn’t Mess Around

Note from Matthew: Coach Vermes comment on “versatility” has to be one of my favorite answers to a question I’ve posed….ever.


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