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Holden Bolton: Benny Says Stay Focused

Updated: January 21st: We are updating this piece, first published on January 18th. Reports emerging…Holden is Premiership-bound, headed to Bolton, according to Houston Dynamo Chief Operating Officer Chris Canetti via Fox Houston. Vindication for Holden and for Benny below who said last week Holden had the quality to play in the Barclays.

Holden: EPL Strong?...YES!

Canetti on Fox: “”I will confirm all indications point to Stuart apparently signing with Bolton,” Canetti said.” (courtesy: Fox News)

The Wanderers currently sit in next to last place, just above the man-made disaster that is Portsmouth. As for Holden’s opportunity, Chung Yong Lee–who we learned from Wanderer message boards is considered the Ronaldo of Bolton–has recently come on on the right flank. In the middle they’ve got a platoon amongst the following: Mark Davies (a English wunderkind) and Fabrice Muamba, both 21, who Holden could supplant and Tamir Cohen, recently arrived from Israel.

Matt Taylor historically a defender, has moved up the pitch to the left flank…he’s got 5 goals on the year…so he is likely staying put.

Best bet for Stu…central midfield.

In the meantime, TSG caught up with Benny Feilhaber just last week to discuss Stu’s overseas forays.

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150 Days Until the Lions Come Calling….

Just a scant 5 months until the United States takes on England in the most anticipated soccer match by the US populace since probably Italy 2006.

Bob Bradley will need to outplay this man on the day: Fabio Capello

That’s right…check your calendar on the lower right. Today is January 12th.

TSG lobs in our first shot at some of the strategy that it might take to compete and earn a draw or even win against the former homeland. We imagine the actors in this roadmap, and the roadmap itself, will change frequently as both Bob Bradley and Fabio Capello augment their own line-ups and strategies.

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Two Tuesday Bullets….

"Mini-Essien": What up TSG?! I came to play at least.

Some Tuesday thoughts that came from walking to work and listening to a little Mason Jennings and Watsky.

• I’m writing this little blurb before the Manchester United-Manchester City Carling Cup game was postponed today.

If I have to read–nay, be subjected to–one more piece rehashing the vindication of Leeds or another sensationalized headline of Jermaine Beckford being transferred to Mars….well…my point here is different and it has to do with moving furniture.

My expectation is that Manchester United should they have battled away at Manchester City today in the Carling Cup match, would have won 2-1 or 2-0….and not because Fergie threatened them or they are embarrassed about getting bounced in the FA Cup.

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TSG Plays Santa Claus

Happy Holidays from The Shin Guardian.

To the brothers TSG, Christmas is all about giving, not receiving. Matthew and I are notorious among our family for spending too much time trying to find the right gift for people. However, we have a fairly high conversion rate on those gifts.

So, in the spirit of the season and the TSG way, we are eschewing the conventional “soccer gifts I want for Christmas” piece. In its stead TSG is playing Santa and handing out* gifts to some of our favorite USMNTers.

If any of our readers received any soccer-related gifts this year tell us about them in the comment section.

For Stu Holden…A Magic Eight Ball
It seems like Iceman is in need of some decision-making help. What could be better than the most popular tool in the solar system when one has trouble making a decision? (Will Stu Holden stay with Dynamo?…”Outlook not so good.”)

For Landon Donovan…Billabong Marius Snowboard Jacket
Congratulations on the Everton loan. Perhaps it is the right move from a soccer perspective, but trading in the paradise that is Manhattan Beach, CA for the much cooler temps of Liverpool during the winter months was a bit short-sighted. TSG specifically chose the Marius for its bright colors as we recommend taking every precaution to ensure you come out of the Everton Experiment in fine working order.

For Benny Feilhaber…Eagle Creek Comfort Plus Neck Pillow
“Comfort Plus” that’s what the official unofficial favorite player of TSG provides for the USMNT when he is on the pitch. More importantly, TSG wants Benny! to travel in style and comfort in 2010 so he is primed and ready to go following long trips to Camp Cupcake and South Africa.

For Tim Howard…Bubble Wrap and a Defender
Timmy keeps getting hammered in Everton and could use a little extra protection in front of him and (literally) on his body.

For Coach Bob Bradley…A World Atlas
After seeing Bradley’s predilection for MLS players throughout 2009, TSG wants to make sure that Bob-O is aware that there are other countries outside of the United States where Americans play soccer.

* “Handing out” is used metaphorically as we couldn’t find a box big enough to fit Dolf Lundgren (See “Defender” link.)

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Blackburn?

SH: Still in Dyna-orange for now...

You’ve got to take releases from the England rag The Sun with a grain of salt, but the latest?

Stu Holden offered a 4-year to head to the Rovers of Lancashire in the EPL.

Remember though, this is the same rag that gave us this Holden beauty.

Weigh in on what Stu should do here.

We’ll let you know if anyone sends us anything more here.

Counterpoint: Why Holden Should Stay?

Holden: Trying not to trip up on his big decision...

Have you seen TSG’s interview with Stu Holden earlier this year?

If not, definitely check it out.


For those who have been Christmas shopping, rumors are swirling that the MLS is going to the most extreme lengths to retain Stu Holden with further rumors suggesting that Holden has been offered a salary “bump” or more than 10x on his current wages, resulting in about $350 annually. This information appeared in Scotland’s premier rag however.

Let’s use this space today to consider the contrarian arguments for Stu Holden to remain in Dynamo orange to initiate the commentary and dialogue. Four positive points arise.

(First, a caveat in that we’ll assume that Stu can negotiate a one-year deal, or two max, with the MLS. Big caveat.)

First, Mr. Holden pockets a new paycheck.

Everyone reading this column is now wondering how I did on the math SATs.

While Holden can earn a significant chunk of peanuts in the MLS, he can virtually buy the whole peanut farm if he ships out.

Why, then,  does an MLS paycheck matter? For further leverage in negotiations overseas.

Right now Holden is coming from a position where he made slightly more (or less in some cases) than a starting journalist who does fact checking all day. If he’s considering negotiating abroad, he can’t very well say, “Well, I like your offer, but it’s not a huge premium on what I’m making now….” because it is. Pocketing an MLS paycheck at the rate rumored only enhances Holden’s leverage in a contract situation and gives him an out (next year) if he doesn’t like how negotiations are going with a prospective club.

World Cup 2010 Pitch Time

Holden is on record as saying inclusion and participation in the USMNT squad weighs heavily on both him and on this specific decision.

One of the larger factors facing the Iceman immediately overseas, is playing time. Will he walk right into a line-up or will he be relegated to the bench? Is there a predisposition to play locals?

Looking at Glasgow Rangers–one club he’s linked with–they’ve got Steve Davis, a former Villa young player of the year, on the right flank and a bevy of other players in the middle including the returning Maurice Edu. Rangers are also top of the table–would they risk upset their starting team balance?
Does Stu step in as an immediate starter there? Likely not. Maybe he gets there quickly, but at the very least it’s still an unknown.

If Stu stays MLS, he’s assured of both playing time and his captaincy. Further Holden in States leaves him available for critical friendlies whereas making his mark overseas he might not have that luxury of coming back for one (like in February against World Cup caliber Mexico) or there could be some tension around making that trip from his new club.

√ World Cup 2010 Exposure

This is probably the biggest positive.

Assuming Stu solves 2a above, exposure in South Africa (and a positive performance) is sure to have other clubs stand up and take interest in securing his services. Right now, there is handful of clubs that are looking at Holden as the solution to their problem. However, hocking his wares on the world stage come next June? Well, pretty much everyone is going to be watching.

Clint Dempsey and DaMarcus Beasley certainly drew more collective interest after their Cup performances, in 2006 and 2002 respectively, with a good performance Holden is sure to as well.

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USMNT Aarhus: A Few Changes

Edgar Castillo

Show us what you got, Edgar.

MONDAY UPDATE: A Sunday night update to the US Soccer press release on the roster said that Jose Francisco Torres has been excused for personal reasons after being initially called into camp. According to Neil Buethe at US Soccer (US Men’s Spokesman and a very nice guy as well) this morning, there is no further information available through US Soccer at this time and no player will assume JFT’s spot.

Questions by TSG surrounding further inclusion of Torres and why Jeremiah White wasn’t selected, though Benny Feilhaber was, in his home stadium were met with a “No Comment – Coach’s Decision” as well.


USMNT Bratislava took off this morning for Aarhaus, Denmark….well most of the squad did.

Dropped from the roster called up for yesterday’s 1-0 loss to Slovakia were Chad Marshall, Steve Cherundolo and Clint Dempsey. Folks may be surprised that Dempsey was sent packing back to England. Since there are a number of plausible reasons we are not inclined to climb into Bob-O’s head before we have our first cup of coffee this morning, but we’ll revisit the issue later this week. Also of note, Soccer Insider reports that Chad Marshall’s knee is still not right.

With the MLS playoffs behind them, USMNT regulars Ricardo Clark and Stu Holden were added to the group.

Now that the Mexican standings are set, TSG fave Jose Francisco Torres is on a plane over to Denmark to continue his Saprissa redemption tour. Torres is joined by left back (we say left middie) Edgar Castillo. Castillo is set to answer the hype in his first call-up to the US mother ship. Let’s see those chops–and passport–young lad.

In other Sunday news:

  • Congrats go to the Salt Lakers whose playoff run continued by extinguishing the Fire on kicks. RSL generally clamped down on the Fire offense and was able to maintain possession in the midfield–the key to the game for them.
  • Uruguay made World Cup qualifying a bit tougher on the Costa Rica besting the Ticos 1-0 on the throw rug at Saprissa. This WC bid will be settled on Wednesday in Montevideo.
  • Here, let me write this next one like ESPN would to get you to “click” the story: “Is another America defender headed to the Premiership! To Man City no less!”…..Sorry to do that on a Sunday, reports have former Thomas Rongen whipping boy Neven Subotic, who now plays for Serbia after coming through the US “U-” series, possible going to Man City in the January window. We’re fine with Spector, but the depth would have been nice.
  • The friendly series was not kind to Arsenal yesterday, Arsenal superstriker and Netherlands national teamer Robin Van Persie limped off in Italy 15 minutes in to the 0-0 draw and is now expected out for 3 months. That leaves Arsenal without size up front as Denmark nattie Nicklas Bendtner is slated for groin surgery and at least a month on the shelf dating back to his Halloween injury versus Tottenham.


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