Your 11 on the pitch for U.S. vs Panana?

USMNT, sweeping through the Suez

USMNT, sweeping through the Suez

Update: We’ve updated the post as Cherundolo and Parkhurst have jumped across the pond for club action.

Who would you start? Who is going to start? Let us know.

For Panama, expect a team that comes in the typical Central American role. They will have great footwork, questionable defensive integrity, and a feisty attitude. You could pretty use that describe most other teams between the two tropic lines.

Panama is fresh of a 4-0 blitzing of a 10-man Nicaraguan squad Sunday so they’ll have a little confidence.

I’m going with the following, expecting BB to take another conservative approach following the bit of chaos that ensued Saturday.

11 at the whistle:

G – Troy Perkins
A very steady performance against Honduras earns that cap

D (Wing) – Sam Cronin, Heath Pearce
With Cherundolo heading back over sees, I think it’s a coin flip between Cronin and Evans on the back right. My hunch is that with Cronin playing the better game last Saturday, you’ll see him there this Saturday….

D (Center) – Chad Marshall, Jimmy Conrad
Jimmy earns the start that should see him improve upon his Foxboro outing. The U.S. needs Marshall in there.

M (Wing) – Robbie Rogers, Santino Quaranta
Can they hold the flanks? Both have proved to flashes of one-on-one attack, now let’s see if they can link some more passes and come out and support their d counterparts.

M (Center) – Stu Holden, Kyle Beckerman
The makings of an excellent pairing here. Both are workmanlike and steady on defense giving Bob Bradley a junior pairing not unlike Ricardo Clark and Michael Bradley.
(Note, you may see Benny in here, but I think more as a late inning reliever, not starter….if that’s the case Holden will move out wide and you’ll see Quaranta making way).

F – Davy Arnaud, Brian Ching
Interesting coupling here. Main question? No Davies. I think Bradley will use Davies much like he did in the Honduran game…bringing him as a late gamer when the defense is tired.


– Possible that Bradley brings back Feilhaber in which case I think you’ll see Holden move out wide.

Likelihood: 50%

– Possible that Davies gets the start with Arnaud backing up

Likelihood: 75%

– Possible that Ching roams up front and U.S. goes with Benny up front backed by Beckerman and Holden in the holding roles

Likelihood: 35%

See you Saturday

2 responses to this post.

  1. Agree with nearly all your commentary.

    However I think you’ll see Davies at the outset giving the us absolutely their best chance.


  2. Posted by Mark T on 2009/07/14 at 2:24 AM

    @ Nate

    When the US brings their A team, who do you think starts up-front with Altidore? Ching or Davies?

    I’d like to see it be a game-by-game decision based on the style of the competition. I think both Ching and Davies can be effective starting or coming in around the 70th.


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