Quick Hitters @ the Half

Recapping the first 45-minutes:

  • Speed kills…Davies (not “Davis” as the announcers were saying) with a great run and placement…will he succumb to fatigue in the second half?
  • Poor passing…the US is not valuing every touch and is giving possession away to easy
  • Good placement by Donovan on the set pieces…good work all-around
  • This isn’t Go Fish…stop asking for cards…the epidemic of bookings by the US “A” team leads right to the coach
  • Bradley and Dempsey are underwhelming
  • Beautiful strike by El Tri for the goal…of course it came after ten straight minutes of possession in the US  defensive third

Looking for in the second 45-minutes: [post-game follow-up in green]

  • How will the US come out of the locker room…questionable second halves have been the hallmark of the summer for the USMNT (see: Haiti, Mexico-Gold Cup, Brazil) solid start to the half…broke-down late
  • More quality possessions…not America’s strength, but it has to get better — marginal improvement, forwards were able to do a little more with the long balls
  • When will Bradley go to the bench…don’t want to see him wait until 70 to get Benny in. TSG homeys Feilhaber and Holden came in around the 60th for Ching and Clark. Holden was solid, Benny showed some passion, but his touch was a little off
  • Altidore to come in for Ching…my preference, but it could depend on Davies fitness and whether Bradley decided to shift Dempsey up top. Ching left, Dempsey moved up high, Altidore came on late for a cramping DaviesI think Davies would have played the full 90 without the fitness issue. Alitdore was a non-factor
  • The fatigue factor…How the teams progress from the 18 on the change of possession — the game slowed in the second half, but the blow-by on Donovan may have been a result of fatigue…Davies was a casualty
  • Bradley NOT playing for the tie. — stayed the course in the second half looking for the one magic long ball

Check back a little later today, Matthew will have the full recap and I’ll add my take in the comments. Right now I’ll just say, don’t blame the ref.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kevin on 2009/08/12 at 4:02 PM

    do you know the name of the ref for the game?


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