Inspiration for El Salvador from Soccer Mom

The Soccer Mom

The Soccer Mom

From time to time at TSG, we’re going to have our mom–who is quite a prescient sports fan–weigh in with commentary. Like most of your moms I’m sure who read this publication, your mom was there to bring you to (in our case) soccer, baseball, basketball practices and games even after a long day of work.

Beyond our appreciation for the support of our sports career, our mom has probably watched nearly 3 times the amount of sports game that we have.

She typically roots for the underdog.

And she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Countless times I’ve watched games with my mom and her commentary is always so simple and succinct. Some of her favorite lines are, “Go! Go! Go!” and “Oh, he’s so stupid, how could he do that.”

Some of the players across sports that she’s rooted for over time: Derek Jeter, Landon Donovan, Tony Meola, Kasey Keller, Roger Federer and Tim Howard to name a few. (Our mom loves the goalie position).

Our apologies this time, as just like phone calls during college, we forgot to check our email for commentary after the U.S. game. We found this, this morning.

TSG is taking a quick break from our technical commentary this morning to post a piece sent to us from our Mom–who couldn’t wait to watch the US-Mexico game (even though her sons were oh so far from watching with her). What a great fan to have behind us growing up.

Thanks Mom; we’ll answer our email earlier next time–and call more often.


The goalie was ready and time was right.

The game was on.

USA and Mexico were at each other. Back and forth, back and forth.

I watched the game intensely and then USA scored. Hooray! I screamed, but unfortunately that was the end. The USA tried very hard, but the Mexico team tried harder.

The Mexican team tried all the right things.

We were a few minutes toward the end of the Mexico team scored the second goal. MY heart went out to the USA team.

They scored 2-1, Mexico.

We tried hard, but didn’t score.

The END. We were brave, but the Mexico team won.

We will try again.

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