Iran – USA, Not So Friendly on the Pitch Either

Do we need cap leader Kobi Jones to step in and make this happen?

Do we need cap leader Cobi Jones to step in and make this happen?

According to the Tehran Times (TSG has no idea the rep of this paper) this evening and Iran football personnel, the US-Iran friendly eleven match scheduled for the Fall is likely not to be.

Ali Kaffashian, Iran Football Federation president, “We have announced our readiness to hold matches with the U.S. team via letters but have not received any answer yet. In this case, the matches will be canceled.

Far be it from TSG to even slightly interpret fact accuracy, rhetoric and political correctness, however regardless of who, what or how, we feel it would be phenomenal for soccer to be the ambassador sport for opening up relations between the two countries.

In fact, chalk another one up for soccer in the US, it’s not like we can send an American football or baseball team to Iran, Indonesia or even Iraq and have a sport that involves the largest portion of the opponents fanbase.

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  1. I’m a football fan and would love to view more matches between Iran and the US teams. I think if our national team travels to Iran, we should negotiate a section for women to view the match. I have personally been rebuffed from attending international matches in Iran due to my gender. But everything is negotiable, just keep an open mind and more importantly, a sense of humour! More openess will occur in my lifetime, just as it has with the PRC.


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