Freddy: Adun’t Make A Mistake

Freddy: Take charge!

Freddy: Take charge!

We’ve all seen the talent and we’ve all heard the hype–though both have quieted a bit on all levels over the past two years.

Take a look at a USMNT message board and you’ll see his name come up more times than Bob Bradley vilifications.

Freddy Adu is the answer! Freddy Adu doesn’t do anything.

Where’s Freddy Adu in the squad for the game?

Now, news comes yesterday that Freddy Adu’s loan move from Benfica’s Stadium of Light is scuttled until further notice and TSG is going to weigh in with a little commentary after taking an evening to think about it. ESPN, as well as a number of other sources, are reporting that Adu’s loan move hit the skids because of an issue over compensation, specifically Odense not wanting to pay the full salary for the 20-year-old….which I guess brings us to our main point.

What is Adu thinking and, more appropriately, how is Adu’s agent playing this one? Freddy, you’re all of 20-years-old. You’ve made money through both play and promotion (Adu is still signed to Nike). On that playing front, you’ve been making wages since you were 14! Sir Alex Ferguson annointed your potential at 17….others that Ferguson has knighted go just by their last name: Rooney, Giggs, Ronaldo. (and maybe Macheda, but we’ll see on that one)

Freddy, you’ve been more than cordial and informative on your Twitterings and incredibly appreciative of all your support. You’ve been a gentleman.

Freddy, we want you on the pitch. Be less of a gentleman in these negotiations–take charge like you do when you’re in the other team’s defensive third.

Force a move anywhere, reduce your salary if you have to (you’ll more than make those dimes up over the rest of your career), do whatever it takes to get on the pitch somewhere. NOW!

TSG doesn’t have to tell you your USMNT plane ticket to the land of diamonds and the World Cup is at stake–it’s in the media everywhere. It’s bigger than that–do you want to be a player or played by the politics?

Don’t go the way of Danny Szetela who made the European sojourn and is now battling for relevancy with DC United. Your destiny is in the present and in your hands.

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  1. Posted by ChrisRogers on 2009/08/19 at 4:02 PM

    Looking back now, it seems rather odd that Freddy Adu left the Gold Cup team where he could have got more playing time and more exposure to go back to Benfica and then not play or just simply wait for transfer.

    Do you think there’s something more going on there with Bob Bradley and the usmnt?
    He didn’t play in South Africa and then left the Gold Cup team. Talk about going the wrong direction.


  2. Posted by cosmosredux on 2009/08/20 at 12:57 PM

    Here’s what’s bothering about this story:

    Adu left the Gold Cup roster so that he could go back and get playing time with Benfica, right? Now, they don’t want to play him—or they have stronger players for the season–and they want to loan him out.

    But they aren’t willing to even pay part of the salary, whereas they’d eat his whole salary if he sat the bench.

    It just doesn’t add up.


  3. […] week, we wrote a piece imploring US midfielder and South African hopeful Freddy Adu to push for a new club so he could get […]


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