Make Bill Simmons an Outlaw!

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[In the event Bill Simmons is actually reading this, please contact us at]

An American Outlaw that is.

Recently, we wrote a review piece on the Bill Simmons – Alexi Lalas podcast. As the discussion progressed in the comments, I made the following statement:

Simmons covers sports from the (super) fans perspective which means interesting story lines, game experiences, drafts, etc. I think we need our friends at the Outlaws to invite him to sit with them at a WC qualifier in the states or bring him in their next march on Soccer House.

Don't make us get Tim Howard on your....

Don't make us get Tim Howard on your....

Reader “Garbogas” picked up on this and then issued a challenge:

Brothers TSG, can you make that happen? Seriously. Pull every string you can to get Simmons to go to Rio Tinto on Sep. 5 to watch the Salvador game…

(Thankfully, Garbogas then realized that the October 14th game in D.C. versus Costa Rica was more realistic.)

So today we start the campaign with our friends at the American Outlaws. We have 45 days to convince Simmons to be in the stands with the American Outlaws at RFK Stadium to watch the US avenge their earlier loss to Costa Rica in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Stage 1 of the campaign is email and Twitter (@sportsguy33). Please write a polite message to Mr. Simmons at or Twitter asking him to join in support of US Soccer, in person, on our soil with its most passionate supporters. In the subject line of the email or Tweet, write Hey Bill, support the USMNT at RFK and copy this link into the message: Stages 2 – 25 (approximately) are under development, but rest assured we aren’t going to just leave it at electronic correspondence.

Why are we doing this? If you don’t know, Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) has attracted on of the most rabid followings of sports fans due to his witty, knowledgeable and pop-culture-laden commentary on sports (and culture) in America. In the last four months or so he has been attracted to soccer and through his writing (regardless of how your feel about the content) helped to elevate the visibility of the game in America. Simply, we want to keep the momentum going for Simmons fledgling soccer fandom, the American Outlaws quest to increase the USMNT fan base, and ultimately soccer in America.

To give you our perspective on the American Outlaws (read a quick thank you here), the extremely genuine founders, Justin Brunken and Korey Donahoo, of the group reached out to my brother and I a few months ago with this message: We are focused on growing the organization and support off the USMNT and have not been able to devote the time to creating US Soccer content that our members deserve…can we direct our readers to your publication?

Needless-to-say, we were honored. More importantly, these guys live and breath USMNT fan support. And all we’ve seen since then is the Outlaws going to all lengths to increase the fanbase for the Nats. (In fact, they now have airline discounts for travel to watch the USMNT with Continental Airlines–I, mean, that’s pretty amazing.)

So, let’s get our keyboards smoking with those (polite) messages and check back for more info.

Importantly, don’t forget to tell your friends, share it on message boards, text it or walk around LA with it on a sandwich board…whatever it takes.

(For another article on the American Outlaws, go here.)

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  1. […] Broadcasting, Soccer in America, USMNT. Tagged: Alexi Lalas, Bill Simmons. 16 Comments UPDATE:  Support the petition to get Bill Simmons to the US qualifier against Costa Rica in RFK and sitting with the American […]


    • Posted by Dylan on 2009/09/09 at 8:33 AM

      I sent my request in to him. I’m an Outlaw and it would be great for us and US soccer for him to experience the game with us. Let me know if there is anything else we could do to turn this guy into part of the team.


      • Posted by Mark T on 2009/09/09 at 8:47 AM

        For now, just tell your friends and fellow soccer fans to do the same. Thanks, Mark


      • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/09/09 at 10:18 AM

        Posting on your FB profile if you have one is always good. Gets non-soccer fans to participate.

        Thanks — we’re working on some other ideas to reach out as well.


  2. […] Will Simmons,  a professed Tottenham fan tune in for this or is he rewinding reruns of Inside the NFL with features on Steve Grogan and Irving Fryar on Saturday? We’ll find out Monday I guess. […]


  3. […] In our final salvo, don’t forget one last time to send around our link to get Billy Simmons to RFK for Costa Rica. Simmons’s BoSox are out of the playoffs, so the only thing stopping him is […]


  4. […] Posted by Mark T in Broadcasting, Soccer in America, USA vs. Mexico, USMNT, World Cup '10. Tagged: Bill Simmons. 1 Comment Assuming you can be stood up by someone who never actually said “yes,” the USMNT faithful were stood up by faux USMNT fan Bill Simmons of last week when the Yanks took on Costa Rica at an emotional RFK stadium. And thus we came to the unsuccessful conclusion of the Bill Simmons Campaign. […]


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