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Cheers: Jozy Makes the Starting XI & Scores!

"Out of my way boys, need to begin the legacy"

"Out of my way boys, need to begin the legacy"

See the comments section for a recap of Jozy’s performance via the Hull City supporter site.

(Update: Hull up 1-0: Tom Cairney left footer from a Nick Barmby assist)

(Update 2: Altidore puts one in just before the interval.—– From the Live Game Commentary: Foul by Matt Heath(Southend) on Jozy Altidore(Hull). Direct free kick taken left-footed by Nick Barmby(Hull) from left channel, passed. Goal by Jozy Altidore(Hull) drilled right-footed (bottom-left of goal) from left channel (30 yards).Hull 2-0 Southend. Assist (pass) by Nick Barmby(Hull) from left channel.)

(Update 3: Ghilas, not Altidore, was subbed out at the 73-min. Well done, Jozy)

(Update 4: Hull City takes it, 3-1 with Altidore going the full 90+)

Boy, how they’ve taken to JZA over in Hull City.

He’s already earned Phil Brown’s trust as Southend will be facing Altidore up top to start their Carling Cup showdown today.

Maybe even more noteworthy, the Hull Tigers faithful are already hard at work coming up with different ways to praise America’s Drogba Jr.

Far be it from TSG to bogart someone else’s post or message board, so I’ll just direct you here where you can sing-a-long with JZA support jingles. One to “You Are My Sunshine” and another one to “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air” theme song.

Altidore’s first (of many) EPL goals:

More TSG Jozy Altidore coverage:

Exciting: Altidore Adds to Score Sheet in DebutThe Set-up Couldn’t Be Sweeter for Jozy

Liverpool vs. Villa: All my rowdy friends are here on Monday…day

Friedel: That bald dome is menacing

Friedel: That bald dome is menacing

ESPN stepping up and showing my boys Liverpool versus the midlands club Aston Villa. I’m going to go do my best to give you live commentary.

American and former Liverpool keeper Brad Friedel is in goal for the Villians. He usually has very good games against his former club, hopefully not tonight.

By the way, to all the naysayers who say football is for wimps, tell them this, that Curtis Davies for Villa is playing with a dislocated shoulder and Skrtel is playing with a broken jaw.

After the jump, skip to the bottom to read along with the game flow (spoiler alert!, if you focus on the top of the post)

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What Is Your Favorite American EPL Moment?

Wow, what a fun trip down memory lane.

I was just commenting on the Altidore story and trying to grasp the level of excitement that seems to have encapsulated the American soccer community with Jozy Altidore’s Hull debut Saturday.

The impact that JZA had on the game, the chants of “USA! USA!” by the crowd, the shear threat that an American striker could present in an Premiership game. Just fun to have as part of the weekend of soccer.

Howard, beginning his legacy

Howard, beginning his legacy

It got me thinking to the biggest moments that I can remember for Americans overseas, specifically in the EPL.

I would say JZA at Bolton is one of maybe four momentous events without giving forth to hyperbole that I can remember in terms of the media coverage and just shear “buzz,” for lack of a better word. I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed by ones I’ve missed–that you will add to the commentary here–and I’m a bit melancholy that I am not including at least one moment from Brian McBride.

Chronologically they are:

1990 – John Harkes Goal of the Year for Sheffield Wednesday against Derby County. I was in high school at the time and everyone thought John Harkes was the second coming of Ruud Gullit or something here in the States. I remember my parents buying me a Gullit Netherlands jersey actually–I wish I still had that.

2003 – Tim Howard’s Shield victory on penalties over Arsenal. I didn’t really comprehend the magnitude of Howard’s role at the time or this might have been more prominent a moment in EPL time for me.

2007 – Clint Dempsey’s goal for Fulham to avoid relegation.

2009 – Altidore’s debut against Bolton

Harkes’ goal by far is the most memorable moment in my mind, maybe the years have added to the legacy. Here’s the clip below; one that I have watched countless times before. You know it was such a vicious a strike because he had such a badass mullet.

What moments is TSG forgetting? Or what are yours more specifically?

Dempsey: Active Up Top Against Chelsea


Up top at the expense of EJ?

Up top at the expense of EJ?

If you are watching the Fulham-Chelsea game as TSG is this morning, you are seeing an extremely active Clint Dempsey who is aggressively heading to the Chelsea net. Ruthless you might say. Dempsey is clearly looking for offense, though Fulham is currently on the wrong side of the scorecard after a Drogba first half strike.

So many storylines off Fulham’s line-up this morning.

Dempsey is playing up top today at RCF for the Cottagers with the addition of Damien Duff to the squad–somewhat telling that for some a major EPL game, Duff is in the squad at left wing just days after his acquisition.

Also, remember Fulham brought in even more midfield firepower with the addition of Jonathan Greening (primarily a holding midfielder, but he can play anywhere) this week. Might that spell more time up top for the Deuceman.

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Exciting: Altidore Adds to Score Sheet

"My time to shine"

"My time to shine"

Update on our Alitdore piece.

60th min  – JZA entered the game for Caleb Folan.

61st min – Altidore to Kamel Ghilas on a 180 volley for the game winner. Talk about getting the crowd behind you.


Altidore stat sheet:

30 mins, 1 assist, 2 shots on goal, another pass for a shot on goal.

Better than even money says JZA makes the starting XI next time out.


Sunday Morning Update (from Mark):

I just had the opportunity to fire up the DVR for the debut. Jozy got a standing O and even a 15-second chant of U-S-A! U-S-A! when he stepped on the pitch.

Click to watch JZA’s role in the game winner.

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There is a rivalry going on right now….

I have to be honest. I’m like a kid in a candy store this morning.

It’s an overcast dawn here in SF (nothing new really); justification to stay in side.

It's old timers day....

It's old timers day....

Man U and Man City are playing…..on different channels! I am pressing the “last” button on my remote more than if the Superbowl and World Series were on at the same time. I never had Setanta just Fox Sports so this is the first time this was possible for me.

I’m mostly watching the game at Old Trafford this morning. I want to see how the AIG’ers play without Ronaldo.

Some observations this morning across both games:

At the City of Manchester Stadium, Man City is already up 1-0 on a Adebayor poke 20mins in about.  Watching a few minutes of this game against Wolverhampton (another idea for my first son’s name), it’s clear to see against lesser competition this year Man City might just start pouring in goals. Today they are featuring Adebayor, Tevez and Robinho–Wolverhampton looks a second late to where the ball just was on the pitch.

Over at Wigan’s DW Stadium, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is not 1999, those are relics Paul Scholes and Gary Neville being featured by Sir Alex.

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Just 1 Goal: Well Done Thierry Henry, Kanu, et all

Focused on 1Goal

Focused on 1Goal

From time-to-time we will explore the power of The Beautiful Game to make a difference around the world.

We missed the launch of this yesterday, but it’s worth sharing today.

Thierry Henry, Michael Owen, and John Pantsil among other international supporters have joined up to begin a support campaign to, in general, bring education to children in Africa, entitled: The 1Goal Initiative.

Having a sister who works in Chad in central Africa, TSG thinks it’s great to see the focus that will be coming to the continent due to the World Cup next year. This campaign is coordinated for that moment of high exposure.

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