Quick Hitters @ The Half

That’s what I’m talking about…at least the last 15 minutes

It is fitting that this game is on ESPN Classic. As it has been a classic Summer of ’09 performance for the USMNT. Not classic in the sense that it was one for the ages, but in that the USMNT performed like they have all summer against inferior opponents. Control possession, misfire from 25-yards in on the attack, give up the first goal and weak wing back play. All followed by a couple of moments of brilliance.

Here are some quick thoughts on the first 45:

  • Donovan is playing at a high level. He’s creating opportunities all over the field. Let’s hope he plays the second 45 just like the first 45.
  • Speed kills…on both sides. Davies is really turning into an exciting player. Love seeing him just jet by players. El Salvador has their own burners up top and make me nervous
  • Welcome back, Michael Bradley. Not sure if he is more confident with Benny or what, but he has stepped up and played well
  • Wing backs for the US are struggling on defense, but are providing good support on the attack
  • Dempsey fits the “classic” theme. He seems disinterested and is just throwing his body around, but is johnny-on-the-spot for the first goal
  • Marshall and Boca seem to be holding up well in relief of the “A” central defense today. (surprising that Goodson didn’t even make the roster)
  • Altidore showed his versatility this half…speed, post-up-ability, deft passing and, of course, the noggin knock
  • The goal by El Sal was a debacle all-around for the back four and Howard.
  • The officials settled down as well and a spectacular no-call on the Dempsey goal

As we’ve said all summer, let’s see how they come out of the locker room. Unless the back four get organized, 2 goals won’t win this.

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