Wednesday Morning Hitters: Messi & More

• Quick reminder that Everton are in action at Hull City today. Will Tim Howard continue his iron man streak in goal for Everton? Is Altidore likely to feature? TSG says yes to both. Everton will want to keep their Carling streak alive and unless Craig Fagan gets a surprise start, JZA should take the pitch.

As for the game? Hull’s at home, but Everton finally has it going on. Pick Everton to place in this one.

• Also in action today, Villa takes on Cardiff City at home. Does Brad Guzan finally get some reps? Fulham head northward to Man City–will EJ even feature in the squad on the day?

Will the Guz get a shot?

Will the Guz get a shot?

•  No takers yet for El Hadji Diouf in our poll on the right for the most annoying global football player. Why does Diouf deserve at least one vote? How about his latest asinine move: Accusing a Goodison ball boy of throwing bananas at him when Blackburn visited Everton’s home turf Sunday? Diouf’s reputation precedes him, no bananas were found on the pitch, and no one near the episode saw one thrown. This story is just ridiculous.

• Take a look at this slicing run and goal from Barcelona great Lionel Messi in yesterday’s 4-1 putdown of Racing Santander. Either the announcer in the clip is so deflated as the score is already 3-0 for the visitors or he’s seen some other clips and considers this latest Messi masterpiece nothing above ho-hum.

This just gives TSG a reason to showcase another favorite Messi runner that I’m sure you’re familiar with. No sound on the clip, but it’s by far the best one visually.

How is your qualification for the World Cup at risk with this guy on your team? Messi, as he spoke on Tuesday, shouldn’t feel all the weight on that one.

2 responses to this post.

  1. “eh… fantastico” (slits wrists)

    I’ll bite on the Di-oof hating. That guy spits more than a llama. Always, always reading about his active salivary glands.


  2. […] up the rear of the named candidates is El Hadji Diouf. Click here for his latest […]


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