Late Commentary: Spector Behind the Scenes

Holy smokes! Why didn’t anyone Twitter us on how solid Part II of Jonathan Spector’s video interview and commentary on the El Sal match was on

Some feedback on the clip:

• Let’s get more field level video from U.S. Soccer. This doesn’t cost anything and the fans will love it. I don’t even care if it’s edited or they play some strange macabre music in the background to start the clip (what was that?). Want to get more fans interested and promote the USMNT more, let’s get more behind the scenes video.

• How about some Bob Bradley halftime speech in the clip imploring his wing fullbacks to get further up the pitch and their teammates to find them up the pitch. Can’t fault Bob in rattling the sabre there.

• I watched the entire clip and I don’t think I saw any American “talking” or “communicating” on the pitch once. Is it me or does this cement that the USMNT needs more on field chatter?

• A great quick crowd shot of the American Outlaws.

Below is Part II of the Spector video(s) focused on game footage:

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