Guzan the Heir to Friedel? Believe That



Let’s say this one sounds a bit fish and chippy…and that it’s hard to sell newspapers–oops we couldn’t get the score of the “late game”–not only in the U.S., but overseas these day.

Sunday People in the UK is “reporting” that Aston Villa will make a bid for Sunderland wicketmaster Martin Fulop,  with American Brad Friedel not getting younger. Fulop is currently #2 on the depth charts behind Craig Gordon, but widely considered an in-demand netminder.

This, of course, would leave USMNTer Brad Guzan on the outside looking in for more playing time.

...And probably no.

...And probably no.

We say, “Not happening. Conjecture.” So if you hear other folks reporting this take it with a grain of salt…unless it happens of course.

Fulop has been linked with  everybody from Ipswitch Town (Roy Keane his former Sunderland coach wants him) to Greek club, Panathinaikos. The Sunderland message boards seem to agree with the sensationalism as well.

Additionally, Guzan has looked stellar between the posts earlier this year in winning the Peace Cup and most recently as Villa’s keeper of choice for the Carling Cup battles. And let’s be honest, Friedel has looked beyond airtight this year as well.

Finally, the Villians, as we’ve mentioned before, should probably focus on a Gareth Barry replacement….we like Tottenham’s Jermaine Jenas for that role.

After posting this, another thought came to mind: Quick, Tim Howard goes down (heaven forbid) in Game 1 of the group stage of WC 2010. Who do you want between the sticks: Guzan…Perkins? Or Hahnemann?…Or what about, yes, Friedel?

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  1. To piggy-back your Friedel as the 3rd keeper or an extra coach for the USMNT in South Africa, what about unretiring McBride as well? While he’s certainly not the youngest player out there, I have more confidence in him than the Chinger and Jozy could learn a hell of a lot about hold up play from arguably the best target player the US is likely to produce anytime soon. I won’t hold my breath that he’ll be the 4th striking option, but having him their to impart some wisdom on the young-ins would not be a bad thing.

    As for Guzan possibly getting ousted after looking so good in the preseason and Cup appearances, maybe we should drop Randy Lerner a line to stop this from happening…


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/09/28 at 6:24 AM

      You know Nick, that was the next place I was going. While I wouldn’t put McBride above Ching at this point as a player–there is a lot to be said from the players could learn from a veteran presence.

      We didn’t have this in 2006 as Reyna and Keller were largely considered to bring a veteran presence. You know what….let’s just make this a full column later today or this week.


      • I would definitely but up for contributing to something along those lines. Maybe a 23 tickets (ala Yanks Abroad) plus coaching staff….


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