Barcelona versus Dynamo Kyiv – Group F Champs League

Please can i take this free kick...Not today..fine...what about saturday?

Please can i take this free kick...Not today..fine...what about saturday?

PEEP PEEP: Well all told a comfortable Barca win. They will have no problem getting to the knock out stage. Same cannot be said for Liverpool who played better in the second half but still lost 2-0. I still maintain a knockout cup would be better. Till the next time. Enjoy

90 minutes plus 3: Kyiv seem to have found a second gear. A little too late i think

88: Number 10 for Kyiv latches on to a back header pass by a Barca defender and sends his lob over the net. Gets a knee to the sensitive male area for his troubles. They immediately spray something on it and he feels better. Must get that spray.

85: Zlatan trying everything at this point including a dramatic overhead tumble/kick which does nothing. He is being substituted for Jeffren. He had a good game and always looked dangerous and setup Pedrito beautifully for the second goal BUT still hasn’t shook off the curse of midweek goal droughts.

82: Another free kick for Barca in a dangerous position. Ibra trying to  hover over it but being pushed out by other Barca players…Xavi send it barely over and bounce on the roof of the net.

80: Sheva is threaded a ball but fires at the keepers legs. He was (wrongly) called for offside so it wouldn’t have counted.

Ah he’s known as Pedrito and came on for Iniesta at halftime. Was wondering who he was and why i didn’t recognize him at the start of the match. Dani Alves fires in a free kick from the same spot as Zlatan took one from earlier. His shot at least on target but a comfortable save by the keeper….Poor Zlatan

76: GOAL by Pedro…Vote for him. I just realized he’s the only guy in the starting line up i have never heard off. All started with a great run by Messi who lays of the ball to Ibra who provides a great pass to Pedro in the box. He jinx’s his defender and fires a low one into the corner. Keeper had no chance. Great goal. Barca 2 – Kyiv 0

72: So not sure about you guys but can you imagine a World Cup without arguably two of the best players in the world in it? I’m talking about Ronaldo (Cristiano) and Messi. Both Argentina and Portugal are perilously close to not making it. The world needs to see Messi at the top stage. He is so delightful to watch….back to game which is still 1-0.

71: Not sure if Kyiv have strung a single pass together yet this half.

67: This is getting fun. Whenever Ibra has the ball and shoots the Kyiv keeper becomes world class and makes brilliant save after brilliant save. The other Barca players keep setting him up time and time again, except Messi who tries to take thigns into his own hand. Barca are fun to watch regardless of the 1-0 score line.

60: Zlatan takes a thunderbolt of a free kick that goes well high and wide. I would have though Alves usually would take it but i bet the conversation went something like this.

Ibra: Im going to take this
Alves: But i usually take free kicks and i’m damn good at them
Ibra: PLEEEEEEASE… I never score on a week day and even though i’m great in the league i don’t want the fans to turn on me cause Eto was dynamite when he played champs league footie.
Alves: Whatever…at least make it close.

57: Odd. I always thought it was “Yaya Toure” but his shirt says the reverse…The line up says Yaya Toure as well… Help please. Even though game is being beautifully played by barca, its getting kind of boring. A shock Kyiv goal would spice things up i believe

53: Game has pretty much picked up from the first half. Pass pass pass followed by jinxing Messi run and the odd Zlatan miss. Occasionally Kyiv venture up field but nothing comes off it. Sheva is non-existent after an exciting opening 2 minutes

48: Dani Alves sends in a gorgeous cross straight at Ibra’s head who sends a powerful header straight at the keeper. Somewhere Inter fans are cracking a smile (though they must be petty pissed off at their draw in Russia).

46: Kyiv kick it off and immediately lose it.


45: 1 minute of added time. Dynamo Kyiv are lucky to be only one goal down as they have been completely dominated by a very cool and collected Barca. That being said, Zlatan tries a very acrobatic scissor kick that the Kyiv keeper does very well to parry away. Exciting end to the first half. Meanwhile elsewhere Liverpool are putting up a real stinker in Italy and are down 2-0….sigh

42: Barca go back to their slick passing dominating ways and Iniesta sends a low shot just wide…It really is pretty to watch…well for everyone but a Kyiv fan

39: Messi turns to provider and after a nice run passes to Iniesta who should have done better and send s a shot straight at the keeper. Sheva really looks someone mugged him badly. Kyiv gets a freekick and Barca defend badly and Kyiv shoot the ball into the net but an offiside rules it out. Shame.

37: Xavi with a stinging shot straight at the keeper which is then followed by a mazy Messi run. Both come to nothing other than illustrate Barca’s dominance of this game

33: a GORGEOUS pass for Ibra presents him with a glorious opportunity but he shoots straight at the oncoming keeper. Poor Zlatan

27: Almost 2-0 after Zlatan slides a cheeky pass to space for Messi to run onto but the goalkeeper makes a brave stop at his feet. Barca running rampant here though.

26: GOAL – Messi with a typical little run from a great pass by Xavi (i think) and nice left footed shot in the bottom corner of the net. Barca 1 – Kyiv 0

24: End to end stuff here and a nice run by Kyiv midfielder ends by some good Barca defending

22: Barca have their umpteenth corner won by Ibrahamovic. He’s really on tonight. I think for him the champions league has been such a disappointment that he really feels that he needs to prove himself in this competition.

20: Penalty box scramble after Kyiv corner and finally a shot comes in that ricochets of Abidal. That could have gone anywhere but thankfully for Barca it goes wide

16: Free kick for Barca in a dangerous position. They have 6 different players who can score from here. Xavi shots it into the wall and its a corner. Nothing comes of it.

14: More slick passing releases Iniesta who is brought down in the box but no penalty. Good call from the Ref. Defender got the ball first.

12: More passing around from Barca followed by a brief counter from Kyiv which amounts to nothing.

8: Sheva with an acrobatic volley which went over the bar. Barca are dominating but have to be wary of the counter from Kyiv as they do have some quality up front.

6: Barca just passing the ball around at will. Xavi and Iniesta looking magical. Wonder if Ibrahimovic will shed his “can’t score on a week day” hoodoo. Messi gets the ball in the box and is surrounded by 5 defenders.

3: Barca with a half chance but the volley goes wide. Sheva looks like he wants to prove to the world that he still has it…thats good for us. 21 for Kyiv with a powerful shot…straight into the side netting

I wrote a post earlier this morning saying how the group stages of the champs league is boring and lo and behold FK Rubin Kazan hold Inter Milan to a 1-1 draw…still think knock out would be more exciting!

1: Tweet tweet…Barca kick off. Camp nou looks packed! I once saw a game here…atmosphere was fantastic

WHO THE HELL PUNCHED OUT SHEVCHENKO? wow…must have gotten in a  tiff with his girl

Howdy all

Blogging today’s from NY city with my new nephew Kavi. He’s 3 months and already can some what juggle a mini soccer ball. You heard it here first folks. USMNT’s starting striker in 2030!

9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/09/29 at 9:29 PM

    the funny thing is i have a ukranian friend(dynamo kyiv’s home) and he’s a really avid soccer fan. he told me if Kyiv won then i couldnt talk any more *&^% about Ukranians & their culture. not like i did in the first place but i’m glad to see them lose


    • Posted by Dylan on 2009/09/29 at 9:47 PM

      Ukranians are so in-secure.


    • Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/09/29 at 10:02 PM

      Ukranians also like cursing at black people in their native toungue. And they like being referred to as “Russian” which i wont accept because if they were Russian then they wouldnt be called Ukranians


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/09/29 at 11:42 PM

      Everyone knows that Mark and I are 50% Ukrainian right?

      Okay, we’re shutting this down.

      Schevchenko FOREVER!


  2. Posted by Mark T on 2009/09/30 at 6:44 AM

    See what happens when you mess with the Ukraine!


  3. Posted by Antonio H. on 2009/09/30 at 7:29 PM

    sorry about that guys but I’ve been knowing tis particular Ukranian for four years and for a while he had me thinking that all Ukranians were pro-communist/pro-Stalin(Like he is).

    But do you guys really liked being called Russian?

    unless of course the 50% Ukranian thing was a joke then you totaly got me


    • Posted by Mark T on 2009/09/30 at 7:49 PM

      We are Ukrainian, but weren’t truly offended.

      We grew up with a number of Ukrainian traditions and even know a few words. I can’t speak for Ukrainians living in the motherland, but I am proud of my heritage and would correct people if they said I was of Russian (descent).


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/01 at 12:05 AM

      I’m much much more offended if you call me a Mets, Jets, or Chelsea fan. I can’t see how someone wouldn’t be offended by invoking those monikers.


  4. […] Division Yelp Rating: 4 Stars Pros: Great bar owner who is a passionate soccer fan, located in the Ukranian Village neighborhood Cons: It’s […]


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