Follow-up Final: Honduras Media Math

Thursday evening update: Media World was nice enough to get back to us and tell us, “can’t disclose numbers, but you are close.” I’m going to make the assumption our $500K number was slightly high at this point with only about 230 venues signed up.

ESPN on the other hand played it a different way–and for now I will leave it there and not bore our readers.

P.S. Can someone tell me how the hell USA-Mexico gets two days of coverage on and we’re two days away from USA-Honduras in a revolting country (with our players there experiencing it) with the U.S. able to lock up a bid to the World Cup 2010 and I don’t see a single story on the ESPN home page or the main soccer page?

With all this ESPN stuff from today, now I know how Mugatu felt.


Last week, we did a review of the potential gross windfall for Media World through going the CC route with the USA-Honduras qualifier.

We made two assumptions in that piece:

¤ One, that the venue count would reach 275.

¤ Two, that the average take based upon our research and spreadsheeting would be somewhere between $2,000 and $2,500 per venue.

agreedisagreeOne week later and after continued feedback and research, we can say we were a little heavy on the establishment count. The current establishment count number sits around 225. Our average take we think may have been a little heavy at $2,250 and perhaps closer to $2,000.

Assuming the venue count gains further, to 250 max, and the actual gross per CC feed is $2,000 — that would make the overall gross take approximately $500K to Media World. This is a discount from the $620K or so that we projected late last week.

Now, what you or we don’t know in this equation is whether Media World wanted to gain a premium with the networks–as in, they were to say something like, “Okay, we know we can get $500K CC-wise, let’s shoot for $700K with the networks.”

So in that guise, TSG followed up today with both Media World and ESPN (both who we’ve spoken with before) and asked two very direct questions:

Media World: Would $500K been enough for the networks to purchase this game?

ESPN: Would 500K been an acceptable offer for ESPN to televise this game?

Of course, we don’t expect answers to these.

But a few other notes on the money side of this. FSC is televising a series of qualifiers–quite honestly they are not your most exciting qualifiers. In fact, I’m not even sure where the Faroe Islands are or who their best player is. I think they do play France in what should be a snoozer. Anywho, these games certainly do not have the cache of England-Ukraine or USA-Honduras, so you have to imagine their asking price was much lower than the $500K rate and thus gave FSC the ability to make a buck or two–conversely ESPN clearly has wider reach.

Finally–and I don’t mind giving this company publicity because at least they are supporting soccer–Axe Shower Gel is running a full-time, full feature soccer ad on the front page of There ad and following web site is here. Since I’ve worked in online media for many years, I’m qualified to say that this as campaign has a certain amount of “clicks” (or users clicking from the ad to the Web site) associated with the dollar amount of the campaign which I would suggest is in the $50K to $100K range.

You’re telling me that ESPN couldn’t get creative with a spot they are already running on their Web site to help defray the premium and time slot of the game. Throw in a call to Nike Soccer and to Field Turf or one of the 5 other synthetic turf companies advertising on Fox Soccer and you’re in business. Yes, I know the audience’s media “reach” for the game–that is the breadth of different viewers that watch the game–is probably more constricted than the Web site, but still this should be a win.

And oh by the way, I see Colorado-Texas on ESPN and that’s really their only quality college football programming in that time slot this Saturday. CBS, for it’s part, has the arguably better draw of Florida-LSU. Yes, I know there are the baseball playoffs, but have you seen the year-over-year slumping ratings for America’s pastime?

And, now were all game coverage.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kaya on 2009/10/08 at 12:01 PM

    Nice job, guys. I❤ the internetz. Keeping even the isolated soccer fan in the know….


  2. Posted by Brad on 2009/10/08 at 1:29 PM

    Well hey, when Charlie Davies backs up his boast and we win the 2010 World Cup, we will be shown on the original ESPN every time!


  3. Good follow up post, are you guys going to be contacting each of the establishments to find out how many people actually attended? I wouldn’t mind seeing those stats or helping get those statistics.


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