Incredible 9th Minute Salute – Thank You

Thank you to everyone who spread the word the past 24 hours and participated at RFK, in bars, their home and online. The fans (and team) represented well for Charlie and we hope it lifted his spirits.

Baltimore Brigade was right on with the #9s for CD, even coming equipped with 700 to pass out at RFK. The American Outlaws helped a bunch getting the word out and on the ground in DC. And a group of us were even standing and holding them up at a bar in San Diego as well.

Here’s an AP article talking about The 9th Minutes Salute. And check out No Short Corners for a great (desktop size) image.

(The post that helped get it going is here. And you can find TSG’s match review here.)

The 9th Minute Salute for Charlie Davies

The 9th Minute Salute for Charlie Davies


Here’s a video from Matthew Lee.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. […] Great Work: See a picture and video of The Salute in our follow-up piece. […]


  2. Damn, I wrote extended comments on the match that was erased when IT came to work on my computer. Unfortunately my ode to Paco Torres won’t ever see the light of day.

    Anyways, some things about soccer you can’t see watching a match on television, only in person. For instance, you can only tell how quick a players feet are in person. I had a very good view of central midfield in the second half from just inside the half we were defending on the left flank. Paco Torres is the real deal gentlemen. He was the best player on the pitch in the 30 minutes he played. He is much much quicker with the ball than any other player (including LD) and makes good decisions, changed the point of attack and set the tempo. He is outrageously talented and should be starting as our midfield general in all seriousness. We do not score an equalizer at the death playing with 3 at the back without the Torres-induced stranglehold we had on the midfield in the final 30 minutes. I really hope that Bob Bradley saw how he completely changed the game.

    Other notes: Nice to see the US play out of the back and work at maintaining more possession with Howard playing the ball short throughout the match.
    Lots and lots of chances.
    We give the ball away deep in our own midfield far too often which means we will concede goals but Paco stopped the sloppy play in this area – Bob should take note.
    Defending the wings is a team problem just as much as the players at our disposal. Neither Costa Rica goal is scored if a midfielder is sacrificed for cover between the fullback and centre-back when the ball is in wide areas. Instead we have the outside midfielder joining the fullback all the way out on the wing where there’s little danger with no one protecting the channel – this is wrong.
    Too much time and space is a strikers worst enemy, ask Conor Casey about his chance in the 9th minute.
    Jozy Altidore really does have enormous potential, he’s very good in tight spaces, he just needs to learn to learn the game a bit more and take more of his chances.
    Donovan is just too good not to take more of his chances – he should’ve had 2 in the first.
    When he’s not let down by his first touch, Bornstein has decent technical ability and really gained confidence – his main problem seems to be his occasional indecision with the ball that leaves him without options and suspect defensive positioning that often goes unpunished because of his speed.
    Despite scoring, Bradley has very limited technical ability – the contrast between his speed of play and that of Torres was marked.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/15 at 11:03 AM

      Thanks for contributing Tuesday — update those again as our review piece–by my brother, fingers crossed….kidding mark — is coming out shortly.

      Spot on, on defending the wings — precisely — you can kill Bornstein or Gooch, but Bradley needs to help close down — he had that trouble in Honduras as we pointed out.


      • That was the other impressive thing about Torres, when he tracked back to support Bornstein on the wing late in the match, his positioning was picture perfect to protect against:
        1. a ball cut back into the center of midfield
        2. to track a runner into the channel or
        3. to support the fullback if beaten.

        Bradley rarely gets himself in the correct position. Clark does it more often but has other limitations to his game.

        The draw was very exciting but ultimately disappointing since not only should we not have ever been 2-0 down to the Ticos and could’ve scored 5 goals, easily, if we’d taken half of the good chances we created. Our finishing was absolutely atrocious last night and no one really paid the homage to Charlie Davies he deserved.


      • Posted by MattE on 2009/10/15 at 2:05 PM

        I think we have a big whole in our left back position. I thought when Heath Pearce played there we looked stronger and the distribution was much crisper. Didn’t Heath just sign with FC Dallas? I say get him back on the squad… he’s much better than Bornstein


  3. Posted by kaya on 2009/10/15 at 11:11 AM

    Yeah, I loved Torres. I know Benny had a blue arrow down (PES reference…) but why he came off instead of Bradley, idk. Oh wait, I do, nvm.
    For the first half, at least, Ruiz had a red arrow up… if we’d had 5% of the finishing that boy was on last night, we would’ve blown them out of the park.
    Donovan again went out the 2nd half. Bornstein had a lot better touch the 2nd half, but I thought it looked like he was the guy who didn’t pick up a man for the 1st goal (I may be getting them reversed… not the goal Gooch got hung out to dry on.)
    Even when we were 2 down, I hadn’t been that excited about the way the team played in a long time.


  4. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/15 at 11:17 AM


    17 shots
    5 on goal

    6 shots
    5 on goal

    Bleck. I’m telling you guys…the review piece is coming — just 10 mins or so :>


  5. Posted by at the game on 2009/10/16 at 7:25 AM

    I was at this game and my god it was absolutely awesome. This was my first professional soccer game. Could not have happened any better.


  6. […] interesting to me was that Simmons made no mention of Charlie Davies or The Salute in his note; especially considering the human side of sport and fan experience is what this […]


  7. […] The first inductee is the Eric Wheatley of the Baltimore Brigade who posted a comment about bringing the #9 for the Ninth Minute Salute for Charlie Davies because “a couple thousand doing so would be epic.” Little did we know at the time that Eric’s idea added to the TSG’s Ninth Minute Salute and promotion would lead to this. […]


  8. […] A few months ago The American Outlaws,  The Shin Guardian, and most importantly, you reached out when Chuck Davies needed some support. […]


  9. […] A few months ago The American Outlaws,  The Shin Guardian, and most importantly, you reached out when Chuck Davies needed some support. […]


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