WCQ US-complete: We Go Global Again

An abbreviated column this week (TSG needs to recharge the old 9-volt) on Americans abroad and things you should be watching instead of some non-ranked college football game or Phillies vs. Dodgers. You can always watch….the Yanks! Thank you. Thank you.

My brother Mark wanted to make sure this image connoted soccer instead of "NASA." Here you go Mark. The El De Barge of soccer globe pictures. The David Caruso of soccer globe pics. The Color Me Badd of soccer globe pics. Happy?

My brother Mark wanted me to make sure this image connoted "soccer' instead of "NASA." Here you go Mark. The El De Barge of soccer globe pictures. The David Caruso of soccer globe pics. The Color Me Badd of soccer globe pics. Happy?

Here we go with some bullets:

• We start with Tottenham – Porstmouth. No, no North Americans involved. However the conspicuous absence of USMNT opponent Wilson Palacios (the key player for Honduras home and away). Palacios was told by Honduras to stay home following their world cup qualification….and party.  Johnny Bornstein, you’re in for a treat on your visit there.

• Wow, well done ESPN. No not for your coverage of the USMNT this past week which was extremely tardy and erroneous. You’ve got a legitimate game! Aston-Villa vs. Chelsea early Saturday morning. Timer, coffee pot, set.

• On Monday, Fulham welcome Hull City to the pitch at Craven Cottage. Dempsey, well it will be interesting if the Deuce starts on the pitch. Hull City bring Jozy Altidore and former UK flavor of the year, and Fulham man, Jiimmy Bullard with them. Should be a good match.

ESPN, yup, they’ve got that one too. So does TSG, with live commentary from very funny man Shaun (from the Lower Haight? Shaun, we need a moniker for you). Please bear with the typos.

• Liverpool vs. Sunderland on Saturday. A very good test for the Reds. They’ve got Stevie Gerrard and Fernando Torres surrounded in ice packs. Can they pull off a win against a surging Sunderland side without their two best?

• Everton takes on Wolverhampton on Saturday at home. We’ll hopefully see one US keeper and it should be Marcus Hahnemann for the away side. Howard, you read a rest. In fact, you know he needs a rest if you can’t remember the back-up’s name (I think they got him from Wigan?) and you’re a fan. (Update: Got the Wigan part, Carlo Nash is the other…..he’s not that bad.)

• Well, we called it and we called it. We’re awarding Robinho our 2nd Flip Throw to the Face (Eric Wynalda earned the other one) in the history of TSG. Oh, don’t worry, more are coming shortly.

With Tiger Woods wannabee Craig Bellamy enjoying a resugence, SWP contributing for club and country, and

"It's so cold here...and the league is so physical...and I can't practice, but they won't play me....I miss paella...I just want to relax on a good team"

"It's so cold here...and the league is so physical...and I can't practice, but they won't play me....I miss paella...I just want to relax on a good team."

Roque Santa Cruz actually making an appearance, Brazilian tyke Robinho has been sure to start the buzz that he wants to go back to Spain, specifically world champs Barcelona. Quoting the deft forward, “I’ve only been able to play them on PlayStation.

• Stoke – West Ham United. TSG is hoping that Jonathan Spector sits the bench for this one. Really? No, but if he’s not there, he should make sure the US has a scribe for Thomas Sorenson’s tendencies. The solid Stoke goalie is Denish–I mean Danish and a likely squad starter to faceoff against the States on November 18th.

• And we bring it back home finally. TSG led some commentary that suggested in July that Stu Holden was shaping up to be an excellent torch bearer for the USMNT when Donovan’s time has passed. The face-off to close the weekend Sunday at 3pm EST. I might actually catch that one.

See you on Monday.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark T on 2009/10/16 at 2:51 PM

    re: picture, YES

    Now if only you’d get over your 12-year-old-level affinity for the flip-throw to the face. I think that is the 4th time you’ve posted that video on here. I guess it comes from being an older brother and enjoying inflicting pain on your younger brother throughout his childhood.


  2. Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/16 at 2:55 PM

    I only author the Flip Throw to bad people and you’re name is getting pretty close to being on that list….


  3. Posted by kaya on 2009/10/17 at 3:15 PM

    You guys are funny. Does a Color Me Badd soccer pic = 90s cheese? I’ve never heard of the other 2, so that’s where I’m putting my $.
    I wanted to look into applying for WC tickets for this round, and the US isn’t even listed in the team specific section. No teams from the americas are, actually. I joined the US Supporters Club this year to have a better chance at tickets (Jack Warner ate my tickets in 06… at least that’s who I’m blaming), but what do you guys suggest to do to get tickets? I didn’t belong to anything last time… were there enough tickets for everyone who wanted them for those who joined?
    I was told to “just go” to Germany and I’d have no problem getting tickets, but I didn’t then and I certainly wouldn’t go without tickets this time. I read the Wahl article, but like I said, you can’t apply for US TST at FIFA, I don’t know if I should count on the USSF coming through and I don’t want to rely on ticket brokers.
    Sorry if this is common knowledge to a lot of people here, but if you could point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it!


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/17 at 4:41 PM

      You got it — cheesy soccer pick.

      Haven”t looked into the World Cup ticket issue — we’ll check it out in the coming week.


  4. Posted by Kevin on 2009/10/17 at 3:31 PM

    Houston vs Galaxy is going to be a great game. Can’t wait to watch it, and I’ve known about playoff implications, but not once did I think of it as an international/USMNT competition.

    Houston has three members of the USMNT, but can it beat out the single best player on the USMNT? Will Holden prove to be a future American star?

    You only made me want to watch it more.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/17 at 4:41 PM


      Are you able to watch the Honduras game this evening after missing it last week?
      If so, tell us when Casey clears that header off the back line…I think it was 2nd half and somewhere around mid-time.


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  6. […] to TSG, we have a long–and terrible tradition–that dates back to one our early “spanning the globe” columns of plopping in the cheesiest soccer graphics on our weekend posts. […]


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