Shaun Omniscient? Dreaded Vote of Confidence

Update: It looks like Matthew is temporarily more omniscient than Shaun. A statement on Hull City’s official web site states Phil Brown is still the Tigers manager. USA 1, Switzerland (Shaun) 0. Thanks Patrick as well for the link in the comments.


It looks like Shaun (our TSG game commentary aficionado) was right and I was categorically wrong….


Phil better times

ESPN Soccernet with Harry Harris is reporting that Phil Brown has quote “left the club” and departed the stadium today. Shaun pointed out yesterday that the “dreaded vote of confidence” issued by Hull chairman Paul Duffen was certain to expel Brown from the Tigers.

Since I’ve tracked Hull since their promotion last year when they blasted onto the scene and we’re a top 5 team through October (anyone else remember Geovanni’s stunning goal past Almunia at the Emirates?) I’m going to be updating this piece today. I just find it tough that the manager than led them up the ranks since 2007 and staved off elimination last year would be out so quickly.

Let’s not pontificate yet if this has happened or what happens with JZA.

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  1. Posted by sfshwebb on 2009/10/28 at 9:22 AM

    Matt – I’m actually surprised he lasted as long as he did. It seems to be that a lot of managers who do so well with championship and lower league teams, often struggle managing in the premiership. I think its VERY similar to the issue here of college bball or football coaches struggling in the pro’s. Its not anything really to do with team selection or tactics (though that has some part to it) but more to do with motivation for the players and stepping up.

    Hull can hack it in the premiership as they proved last year. Brown’s ridiculous halftime talk/humiliation to the players at manchester city last year was the sort of thing that might work on lower league players or kids but you can’t do that in the premiership. Brown’s first half of the premiership was excellent as he curbed down the expectations of the club at the same time installing a battle hard, fight for every ball, and control the ball philosophy that the players believed and bought into. Results came and the players became more confident and it showed. BUT you have to be flexible and have the ability to change your ideas to manage in the premiership. You’re attracting a different class of player and they need to believe in the manager. The players are not playing with as much heart and he has run out of ideas.

    I believe he will coach in the premiership again and he should. He’s a good manager and hopefully will have learnt a lot from this season. Hopefully the new manager will see that a VofH with Dozy partnership up top will help them stay up. Dozy for his part has to work his socks off to impress whomever comes in.

    On unrelated notes, CGNU crushed 5-2 on monday


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/28 at 9:27 AM

      Congrats on our win — what does it say that our positive goal differential was at its largest when I was not there. I may be joining Phil Brown as in “leaving the stadium.”

      Given on the Man City half time speech.

      I thought, especially against your side (Liverpool) at Anfield, the team played with heart and did play with heart all the games that I watched.

      I also concur though that certain managers work better in certain situations — see Pete Carroll, NFL and Rick Pitino, NBA.

      With Brown, if you look at that team — not having a legitimate striker until way after preseason (maybe that was his fault), having injuries to Bullard and Ashbee in the middle to complement a terribly porous defense, you have to think he was doing as good as possible with what he had.

      That being said, as the story goes, it’s easier to change one player rather than 18.

      A new manager will–admittedly since you and I both remember conversing last year that we couldnt’ wait to watch Hull on Saturday’s after their first few performances–will probably rejuventate the team enough to keep them up.

      Then they have Bullard about ready on the pitch and Ashbee making his way back–a transfer here and there in January — and they are still up in the Premiership.


  2. Posted by Matthew N on 2009/10/28 at 9:26 AM

    Well, Hull can start packing their bags for their trip back to the Championship. Changing managers mid-season cannot possibly lead to an improvement for a team that is clearly outmatched almost every single game.


  3. Posted by sfshwebb on 2009/10/28 at 9:33 AM

    Matthew N – You never know. Hull are not playing well at all right now but this is not much different than the team that was in the top 4 for the first third of last season. They have added three quality players in VofH, Dozy and Bullard. The season is just over a quarter of the way done so there is plenty of football left to play. A new managar can inject new self belief, vigor and confidence that this team really needs. Many bottom dwelling teams have changed managers half way through and thanks to right manager stayed up. Most recently Fullham , West Ham, Spurs and Portsmouth have all changed managers in the past few years mid season and have survived and some like Spurs and Fulham are MUCH better off now.

    Will Hull drop? I wouldn’t bet against it but i also wouldn’t be surprised if they stay up.


    • Posted by matthewsf on 2009/10/28 at 9:39 AM

      I just looked at the table and you’ve really got a mess at the bottom.

      In looking at Hull their GA is just staggering 22 in 10 games. My oh my.

      I think the teams you have consider for relegation this year–AT THIS POINT– are:

      Portsmouth — this year’s Tyneside?
      Blackburn — they’ll probably do enough though
      Wolverhampton — they’ll go down–not nearly as hard as Watford or West Brom — but they are not staying up.
      Burnley — they may be mid tier right now — but they haven’t got a prayer away from home
      Birmingham — not sure on them yet.

      I think escaping that zone is West Ham who has just too much talent to remain there.

      Also, Portsmouth has a stingy defense — while I threw them in there, I’d bet even money that they escape the drop at the 11th hour like Stoke City did last year.


      • My Relegation Tiers as of Today (In order of likelihood):

        Schedule their 2010-11 Championship fixtures now: Portsmouth

        Send “Save the Dates” for 2010-11 Championship: Hull City, Birmingham, Burnley, Blackburn and Wolves

        On the 2010-11 Championship Standby Invite List: West Ham, Stoke City, Fulham, Bolton, Everton

        Right now, Hull City look like a team going down, scoring the least and conceding the most outside of Miss Relegation, herself, Portsmouth Football Club. Blackburn have already leaked 22 goals and look like a true relegation contender compared to their midtable sides of previous years. Birmingham have only scored 8 which projects to 30 on the season, which is quite a lot less than the 46 they managed when they were last relegated. Burnley have had a good start with 4 wins but already have 6 losses, which is as many as Hull.

        West Ham have the look of their previous “too good to go down” sides about them so I think they’re your dark-horse contender, but if they find some form, they should be able to stay get out of the muck. Fulham, Bolton and Everton are good enough to stay well clear of the relegatoin spots unless they have a truly miserable run of results ending in a flirtation with disaster.

        I’m hoping there are at least 6 teams playing to stay up on the final day of the season.


  4. Is Brown definitely out? This story seems to say otherwise:


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